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Thrive Theme

If you are a user of WordPress, then you must be aware of the Thrive Themes. If you want better conversion rates on your website, Thrive Themes are for you. Thrive Themes produce conversion focused themes and plugins for converting your frequent visitors into regular subscribers and customers. They are not only cost-effective but also give your site a better appearance. Here is a detail review of Thrive Theme.

Consider a scenario of a visitor landing onto your blog, looking for some information but is unable to do so due to some font or template related issues. Why he would do? Simply, he would abandon your blog and will switch on to another blog somewhere else. To prevent this, installing the best theme is a must. And for that, Thrive Themes are the BEST. 

So, if you aren’t familiar with this term to some extent and want to have a proper review, you have landed on the correct place. But, before starting with my review, I would like to give you the Top 5 reasons for shifting to Thrive Themes.

Let’s start!

1. Top 5 reasons for choosing Thrive Themes

  1. Thrive themes:
    • Have a simple layout and appearance.
    • It provides clear navigation through the website.
    • Have lots of white space for making blogs easy to read and understand.
  2.  Thrive themes offers:
    • Stunning webpage builder for developing cool websites on the go.
    • Feature-rich themes that enhance the conversion rate.
    • Landing pages and opt-in forms.
  3. With Thrive Themes, say goodbye to all those plugins which were either emptying your pocket or we’re increasing the page’s loading time.
  4. You get the best image optimizer, Kraken, free with Thrive that can reduce image size up to 70-80 % for faster image loading speed.
  5. With Thrive, you can easily display your related posts without compromising with the page loading speed to engage more and more readers.

So, these were my top 5 reasons for shifting to the Thrive themes. Now, without further ado, let’s dig into the Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is the BEST WordPress page builder plugin that assists you in creating great-looking and conversion-focused pages with simple, drag-and-drop functionality. So, it’s highly time-effective and has features of equal to 100+ plugins.

2. Uses of Thrive Architect:

  1. Create a Homepage.
  2. Create appealing landing pages.
  3. Format existing blog posts to get more conversions.
  4. Create Webinar pages, sale pages, etc.

3. A Detail review of Thrive Architect

As discussed above, it is the latest page builder WordPress plugin but, it is not built from scratch, in fact, it is an updated version of the earlier plugin, Thrive Content Builder Plugin. Key features of Thrive Architect are:

  • Thrive Architect easily integrates with all the available WordPress themes, seamlessly.
  • Improved user interface for easy content building and editing.
  • You can add any kind page to your website and can also design a new one.

This is just a small recap of its features and there are many more on the offering. Now, the below section comprises of the detailed review on every aspect of Thrive Architect which indeed, is enough to infer the superiority of Thrive Architect. So, let’s discuss, one by one.

1. User Interface 

The main difference between the earlier Thrive Content Builder plugin and the latest Thrive Architect lies in the user interfaces of both. Thrive Architect boasts a full-screen front-end UI that takes over the entire WordPress dashboard and helps you in keeping a check on how the page is progressing. And, if still not satisfied with the workspace, the side panel (shown below) can collapse easily.

Thrive Theme

To get started, merely click on Get Started. 

With Thrive Architect, just click on the text area and start editing/writing the content. This feature is not available with other content builder plugin and thus, makes superior to others.

Thrive Theme

Thrive Architect UI also has the feature of a Revision Manager that helps you to have a look at the change(s) made by you and also features an option to redo/undo any change(s).

Thrive Theme

Hence, in a nutshell, Thrive Architect UI has been the BEST so far.

2. Thrive Architect Options & Settings

Another remarkable feature that Thrive Architect features is the ease with which we can get to the setting panel with a single click. Just click on any page element and all the related options and settings will open up on the side panel for utter convenience of the user.

Thrive Theme

Although the type of setting varies with the selected page element, the basic one includes animation effects, margin, padding, font size, and style, etc.

Thrive Theme

Additionally, if you’re committed at delivering a seamless experience to your readers, then the feature to select which page items to be displayed and which not, is what makes Thrive Architect more favorable over others.

3. Thrive Architect Page Elements 

This plugin/tool boasts a huge collection of elements that you can add to the pages and posts to increase the site conversion rate and generate leads in excess. Also, all the elements are customizable to fit your goals. 

Thrive Theme

Below is the list of all the available elements with Thrive Architect:

  • Call to Actions (CTA)
  • Content Box(s)
  • Buttons
  • Click to Tweet
  • Content Reveal
  • Countdown Timers
  • Facebook Comments, and much more.

So, these elements make Thrive Architect an influential Content Builder plugin.

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4. Thrive Architect Content Template

As we all know that Thrive Architect is the updated version of the Content Builder plugin and is used to create pages for the website. But, do you know that with Thrive Architect, you get over 200 free and designer templates to choose your desired ones? Probably not! But, it’s true. And, most of the templates are too, focused on generating leads and website conversions.

Thrive Theme

Also, not to forget to mention here that all the templates are focused on helping visitors with various actions like subscribing to your email list, signing up for something, etc. All the templates are highly customizable and you can design your own templates with some drag-and-drops. 

Thrive Theme

Hence, this page builder is a perfect find for both type of users, one who want to design their own page designs and templates and those, who want some inspiration.

Cons of Thrive Architect Content Templates:

  • New templates are not added on a regular basis, unlike the Divi Builder.
  •  Template Manager isn’t user-friendly and there is no option for the preview i.e. it is difficult to know how the design will look after being imported to the page.

So, except these two disadvantages, Thrive Architect Content Templates are good to consider to make your website make the readers go ‘aww’.

5. Thrive Architect Pricing

You can get access to the Thrive Architect WordPress plugin from the official website of Thrive Themes. There are three types of plans to choose from and those are listed below.

Also, with all the plans, you get a 30-day-money-back guarantee in case you feel Thrive Themes not suitable for your site (it’s rare). Additionally, Thrive Themes offers a membership package that provides you access to all their products, in-built themes, etc. So, switching to Thrive Themes isn’t a bad idea at all.

Final Words!

I hope this review must have solved all your queries regarding this WordPress plugin. After this review, it’s clear that Thrive Themes are best suited for building pages of different kinds for the websites and is a good competitor to Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer.

So, all these tools are nearly equal in performance and are a must-try. 

However, if you are using this plugin with the sole purpose of lead generation and increasing the conversion rate, Thrive Architect conversion-focused templates are PERFECT.

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