How to make money from Social Media – A Detail Guide.

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How to make money from Social Media

Today, every one of us is engaged in a number of social media platforms like Facebook (2 billion monthly users), Instagram (500 million monthly users), Twitter (328 million monthly users), and many more! BTW, got amazed by the figures in the parenthesis? You must have!

This verifies how powerful social media is in today’s world. We all love sharing pictures, our experiences, our thoughts, etc. via these platforms to our followers. But, do you know, this is not the ACTUAL way of utilizing this boon! Any social network, including the above ones and many more, can be lucrative if used properly.

And, today, in this post, I am going to discuss with you all: How to make money from Social Media? So, dig right into this post and start leveraging the power of social media!

So, this is what we are going to discuss today and by the end of this blog, you will have several options for amassing money from Social Media. So, without further ado, let’s start!

1. Start with a Niche

Being versed with the superiority of social media is only half work did. Because choosing an appropriate niche is where one gets an upper hand over others. Starting a niche is very important if you want to flourish on social media. Today, the young generation is more interested in exploring new things/places, fashion, gadgets, accessories, and all.

So, starting a niche of such kind can be beneficial so having sound knowledge of the interest of your audience is the foremost step. Besides this, if you’re finding it difficult to pin down one niche, follow the following steps.

  • Know your audience and what they need from you.
  • Make a list of the top 10 most profitable niches.
  • Find out the most suitable one for yourself, one in which you expertise or can expertise with more efforts.
  • Research more about it and gather ample knowledge about that niche.

And, in this way, you can have your niche decided on a go. So, starting a niche is where you stand and where you will fall. So, choose accordingly! 

2. Choose the right Social Media Channel

Now, after being done with a niche, what to do next? Yes, now its time to decide the most appropriate social media channel/network for strengthening your niche and getting known to others. For that, there are two strategies:

  • Be Everywhere 
  • Focus on a Single Network 

The former one, Be Everywhere strategy means that instead of focusing on a single channel, you can go after a number of channels in order to meet everyone. For example, if you’re on Twitter, Pinterest, or on YouTube, it means your target audience loves images, texts, and videos. So, in this case, you are reaching out to a wider fan base.

But I would recommend you adopt this strategy if you have a team and a suitable budget, from beginning itself. But if you have limited time and resources, this strategy is not suitable for you. While in the latter one, Focus on a single Network, you keep working hard on a single platform and produce the best for the audience. There are several advantages to doing so.

  • A single Social Media network means that you can put your energy at a single place and then can move ahead in the future.
  • Being focused on a single channel allows you to be quick and responsive to your audience’s demands and expectations.
  • Building the traction on the first channel is the most challenging. But once you’ve got some traction, getting the same on other networks becomes easier as the audience following you on the 1st network is more likely to follow your other channels, with no additional efforts. 

Plus, you can decide one by knowing where your target audience hangs out the most (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else), what type of the content you are supposed to promote in the future (if it’s related to videos, YouTube is the best bet, if it’s images, Pinterest is worth trying, etc.), and what’s the nature of your niche.

So, at first, go with a single channel, work on it, build some fan base, get some earnings flow in, and then, shift to others.

3. Polish your Social Media to win Businesses 

Now, its time to polish our social media account(s) to win the trust of businesses and clients and it starts with completing the business profile and optimizing it for google search. 

Firstly, use a profile photo that best defines your profession or business in which you’re in. And make sure to name your profile photo with the keyword of your niche to optimize it for Google Image Search. 

Note: If you have multiple accounts on different platforms, use the same profile photo everywhere so that Google can easily recognize you. 

Also, do complete your social media profile and keep it updated with the necessary information as and when required. Also, include a small message that resonates with your target audience. This will also help the clients in knowing you better and help them in making the final call. For example, in the case of Facebook and Instagram, your profile is what the person willing to follow you will look at first then your posts. So, polish your Social Media to win businesses. 

4. Grow your Fan Following 

Any business you want to promote via Social Media will be a successful one if you have a trustworthy audience whom you have earned through a series of consistent efforts. You must have heard, especially in the case of Instagram, that pay Rs. ABC and get XYZ number of followers. To many, it might appear a simple way to get some followers, but that audience is of no use! If you want a quality fan following who have any sort of interest in you and your business, try to earn them organically. And, in this section, I am going to discuss that only.

The following are some of the ways of earning a potential audience, organically. 

  • Be regular and consistent with your posts. Those who post on a regular basis are most likely to attract more fans.
  • As the proud followers of a business account, no one is interested in knowing about your personal life and happenings. Instead, to keep your fans engaged, keep them updated with the market news and upcoming events on your page.
  • Match the message and format to the correct network. In other words, what will work on one network may not work on other networks like on Twitter, you can tweet almost every time but doing the same on Instagram, Facebook, etc. is an evil practice.
  • Follow influencers in your niche and share their content.
  • Include Social Media follow buttons as and when required.

So, in these ways, you can earn yourself a good fan following that can actually help in your business growth. 

5. Have a Content Calendar 

Being a fresher in the field of blogging, you may or may not be familiar with the term Content Calendar. It is right so as today also, over 34 % of social media professionals, editors, marketers, etc. are not using a content calendar/post scheduler. But, according to a study, those who use a content calendar, are 60 % more likely to sample success than those who don’t.

Hence, preparing a content calendar is what a social media professional should take as his first preeminence. So, let’s start with its definition. A Content Calendar is a tool put in use by marketers, editors, businesses, etc. in order to schedule the publishing of various posts and content for the future in advance. And, the highly preferred tool/platform that helps you with this is SocialPilot.

It is by far, the best social media scheduling and content marketing platform, currently in use by over 40k agencies and marketing professionals. It possesses several other benefits alongside helping in the scheduling of content to be posted across multiple social media accounts. These are:

  • Scheduling & Publishing

Via SocialPilot, you can schedule the publishing of your content(s) in advance. Additionally, you can visuals like images, videos, GIFs from SocialPilot’s Giphy library to your posts and blogs to enhance engagement rates. You can also create your own virtual team whose members can edit, schedule, delete, view, and approve posts for multiple accounts. 

  • Social Media Analytics 

If you are familiar with the functions and benefits of Google Analytics, then Social Media Analytics is not going to consume much time. With the help of Social Media Analytics report, you can understand your audience better and improve y marketing strategies. SocialPilot displays analytics report for those posts also that haven’t been posted via it. Also, you can download the entire analytics report in the PDF format and can also share it with your clients. Last but not least, Social Media Analytics helps you in discovering:

  • Top influencers who can drive more traffic on your behalf.
  • The best time of posting your content over social media i.e. at what time your fans are more active.

So, Social Media Analytics is the best way to know about your audience and what further strategies can be employed to get more engagement.

  • Social Inbox

Just imagine that you’re managing multiple accounts at the same time. So, how difficult it can become to reply to the messages and comments of your fans in a sweet and appealing manner. But, SocialPilot’s Social Inbox feature helps you do this in no time. With this, you can make your conversations lively by incorporating images, videos, and GIFs and witness the response rate soars high. Also, instead of scrolling through unnecessary messages and comments, you can Mark them done at once and reply to the important ones. 

  • Bulk Scheduling

With SocialPilot, you can line up 500+ posts and content to be shared in the future at a specific time to have an instant impact on your audience. With the assistance of Post Planner, you can upload, preview, and select the accounts where the content is to be posted. So, in order to post posts in bulk across tons of accounts, SocialPilot’s Bulk Scheduling feature is the best bet.

  • Client Management 

Via SocialPilot’s Client Management, your clients can connect their social media accounts without sharing any credentials. You can create your brand invitation links and one link can be shared with multiple clients (either by emailing them or embedding them onto the website) for a seamless promotion of your brand. Further, Social Inbox enables the clients to have access to the Social Media Analytics report via the collaboration tool.

6. Monetize your account to make Money

What all we did and understood above is meant for generating cash from our Social Media account(s) but that’s not going to happen now. For that, you will have to monetize your account and in this section, I am going to discuss some of the ways of doing so that will surely start the inflow of cash. 

Whatever be your longitude or latitude, you can conveniently work from virtually anywhere in the world. The internet is a blessing and thus offers some of the best ways to make money online.

6.1. Run an Online Instagram Shop

Being in usage by over 500 million Instagramers, Instagram is nothing less than a place where you can do almost everything, the latest being Shopping. Yes, an Instagram Shop is like the future mall which displays products in their feed that the viewer is most likely to buy and for what he/she has surveyed for, earlier. Anyone can set up their online Instagram store in minutes and can sell products ranging from clothes to furniture, either via organic posts, stories or in Search & Explore. Once anyone clicks on the product tag, that individual is taken to a separate page where the below mentioned things are displayed in a concise manner.

  • A high-resolution image of the product.
  • A brief description of the product, its features, uses, etc.
  • It’s cost and information about any discounts, if applicable.
  • A link to the website from which the same can be purchased.

Also, you can tag the companies and brands onto your picture on Instagram such that anyone can directly head to the prescribed company with a single click. Like, Zoë Sugg (World’s top-rated fashion influencer) did.

Here, the brands that have been tagged are:

  • Prada
  • Gucci
  • Brixton
  • Bershka 
  • Asos
  • Ducie

The below screenshot displays a product in a story.

Here, just click on the ‘Bag’ and you will be taken to the product specifications page.

Note: Your account must be approved for shopping on Instagram in order to display product(s) in posts and stories.

If your account has been approved, follow the below steps to set up your own future mall.

  1. Head to your profile section and click on the Settings icon.
  2. Click on Business.
  3. Click on the Shopping tab. If it’s not showing, your account verification is under review of your account hasn’t been approved.
  4. After selecting Shopping, select a product catalog to be connected to your business profile.
  5. Click Done.

Now, start posting posts/stories and get started with your Instagram Shopping Mall.

6.2. Start with Facebook Market Place

Just like Instagram Shop, Facebook Market Place is a place where you can uncover, buy and sell brand new to a broader group of people. Facebook Market Place enables the buyer to filter the searches on the basis of location, prices, etc.

make money from social media

Once a wise man said, By listing products on Facebook, you can reach buyers where they actually are. It is completely free to start your own Facebook Market Place within a few minutes. The top categories where you can list your products are:

  • Clothes
  • Accessories 
  • Classified 
  • Deals
  • Housing
  • Electronics 
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles, etc.

The buyer in the filter section can look for a particular category he/she desires. 

Things to consider before starting your own Facebook Market Place

  1. The Facebook policy states that the order must be shipped within 3 days and received within 7 days. So, it’s important for the seller to revise the order amount to meet this norm.
  2. Only the below-listed e-commerce platforms serve in Facebook Market Place.
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • CommerceHub
  • Zentail
  • ShipStation, etc.
  1. The seller is supposed to receive tons of messages regarding the product specifications and enquiry. So, replying to them in a professional tone is recommended.

The assorted features of vending on Facebook Market Place are:

  • Extended reach with great returns.
  • Free to use

So, what are you thinking of? Go and start your own Facebook Market Place today.

Note: If you have a huge fan following on Facebook, you can also send your own products, of any category.

6.3. Sponsored Content

Any piece of content on a website that is sponsored by a publisher, influencer, or a brand is called a Sponsored Content.

This kind of content is most engaging when you sponsor a brand/influencer/company that directly targets your audience. When this is done right, any mention of that brand appears natural.

Hence, Sponsored Content is better than a native advertisement as via sponsored content, your audience will feel that they’ve learned something new.

This makes your BRAND more trustworthy and memorable among your readers, who get fed up with any sort of native advertising.

Additionally, it is of utmost importance that you sponsor content from a reputed publisher/influencer as only that’s capable of generating more leads.

Now, with a brief understanding of Sponsored Content, many of you may be wondering about Native Ads as its substitute. But, both are completely different and Sponsored Content is more beneficial than advertisements. 

Native Ads v/s Sponsored Content

Native advertising is when a brand develops content(s) that centers around their product only and that brand pays an amount to a website or a publisher to share it on their website homepage. A native ad is paid for & is created by the advertisers themselves while an advertiser pays another brand/publisher to develop and distribute sponsored content.

6.4. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is now not a new term to anyone who wishes to make an earning from social media. It is the best bet for those who own a website, a YouTube channel, an application, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is the marketing or promotion of other’s services or products for which, they will pay you a small commission. When you join an affiliate marketing program (I will suggest some in this section later on), they will provide you a special affiliate link that you have to place over any platform listed above.

Affiliate Marketing is currently leading the world when it comes to the simplest way of earning passive income or we can say one of the best ways to make money online.

You can make the use of any type of strategy to promote that product. You can make a small video, or create promotional content (elaborating its features) with which, your audience may feel the urgency to check out that link ASAP. And, if any sale occurs from that link, you will be awarded a commission from that company. 

Some Affiliate Marketing Programs

Some reputed and high paying affiliate programs are listed below.

  • Amazon Associates
  • ShareASale
  • ClickBanks
  • Commission Junction, etc.

Note: All these programs have their own criteria for selection and further, affiliate marketing is more profitable if you have a base of potential and active readers who can consider buying products on your recommendations.

6.5. Offer Services 

Offering services on social media is now a prosaic thing and is gaining immense popularity with time. For instance, take YouTube. Today, almost everyone is preferring YouTube channels for discovering new skills and also teaching others some.

This is the best way of using YouTube instead of scrolling it up and down. Simply create a course about any topic or field of your interest, make a complete playlist of it and publish it on your channel and see your channel growing at a brisk rate.

Other than providing coaching, you can offer other services too like freelance writing, social media management, Consulting, etc. All these can also be done via other social media networks too. 

6.6. Facebook for Creators

Facebook Creator is an all-in-one application that boasts tools for streaming live videos, communicating with the community, updating Facebook stories, etc. It is described as a one-stop-shop by Facebook that helps creators take their passion to new highs. Currently, this app is available for iOS users and will be launched for Android users shortly.

6.7. Instant Articles for Facebook 

make money from social media

Facebook Instant Articles or Instant Articles is a tool from Facebook which helps publishers publish and share their articles to their readers within the application. Instant Articles were built to eradicate the need to read the same article on the web (which today, can be found on Facebook Instant Articles) where users had to face the problem of slow loading speeds. Articles published on Facebook Instant Articles load 10x faster than mobile web articles. Changes that appeared after the launching of this tool:

  • Instant Articles got 20% more clicks than the web articles, from the same publisher.
  • Instant Articles are shared 30 times more than mobile web articles.
  • In the case of Instant Articles, there 70% less chance that the clicker will renounce the article without reading it thoroughly.

Top 5 features of Instant Articles 

  • Instant Articles can be monetized. So, if you are selling ads (outside ads) on your content, Facebook will give you 100% revenue and will cut 30%  if the ads are sold via Facebook’s Audience Network.
  • Blog’s loading speed is an important factor in developing a reader base. Instant Articles loads articles 10x times faster than the web articles and this leads to more clicks and less abandonment of articles.
  • On Instant Articles, you have control over which type of article to publish and which not.
  • You can add email signup forms to your article to convert readers into your subscriber.

Hence, Facebook Instant Articles is a real boon for publishers, editors, etc. to reach out to a large number of online readers.

6.8. Promote POD Business 

In case you aren’t familiar with the term POD, it’s Print-On-Demand. This is another way of making some earnings from social media. Print-On-Demand is an online business in one sells customized items like mugs, t-shirts, rugs, and household items to increase sales. As the name suggests, the POD business involves merchandise that’s printed as and when an order is placed. So, no need to store the bulks of merchandise in cardboard boxes in advance! So, there is no or very minimal risk involved in this business and needs only CREATIVITY. Hence, in some means, the POD business can be associated with the Dropshipping business. 


In a POD business, all you have to do is to create stunning designs to be printed on the merchandise at the print faculty. So, when an order arrives, it is routed to the print faculty where the design is printed onto the product (t-shirt, mug, rug, etc.), packaged, and delivered to the customer. For each sale, you get the commission.

Example: Currently, one of the most popular POD business platforms, Teespring is where your creative ideas are printed on a variety of products and shipped to over 180 countries worldwide. Here, you can create 50+ products instantly. Simply, create a product using your creative mind, promote it and sell it, and earn profit in your account and withdraw anytime.

6.9. Influencer Marketing on Facebook and Instagram 

Today, Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms when it comes to social media influencer marketing. So, in this section, I am going to discuss with you how to become a successful influencer in your niche and about the top-ranked influencer marketing platforms, Facebook and Instagram

How to be a successful Influencer in your Niche?

  1. Know your audience and create good quality content for them to give them a positive experience.
  2. Freely share your knowledge with your readers as for them, you are the subject matter expert and they will follow you only.
  3. Find your unique voice.
  4. Be regular in posting your content. Having a content calendar can help with this.
  5. Be authentic and always provide transparency about what you are sharing. Only by this, you can make your brand trustworthy.
  6. Focus on the metrics that matter the most so that you can improve yourself and can provide a quality experience to your readers.
  7. Be open to speaking about all your struggles in the beginning as it humanizes you and helps your readers in having a heart connection with you and your brand.
  8. Don’t take shortcuts at any moment of your life.

And, in this way, you can become a successful social media influencer and can persuade others with your sayings and reputation. Now, let’s discuss the top 2 Social Media Influencer platforms, Facebook and Instagram.


Being in use by billions of people of every age group, Facebook gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out to your target audience for your influencer marketing campaign. Also, it has been founded that Facebook users are highly engaged ones with 75% of them logging in once per day and spend at least 35 minutes on average. And not due to these reasons, Facebook is the 2nd most preferred platform among the influencers themselves. Also, Facebook Analytics tool helps you in getting updated with the happenings in your campaign.


With over 500 million active monthly users, one can easily get to his/her target audience. Users on Instagram are more engaged than on Facebook, so there are more chances of your messages been seen and heard. According to a survey conducted with 150,000 influencers, 91.9 % chose Instagram, 2.7 % chose Facebook, and rest went with YouTube. 

These stats are clear proof of the superiority of Instagram over Facebook and others as an Influencer Marketing Platform.

Final Words

So, these are some of the many ways that you can adopt to make some earnings from your social media accounts instead of using it the way others do. Whether it’s setting up an Instagram shop or using your creative mind and imagination to swell your POD business, all the means of monetizing your social accounts are risk-free and require no or very minor investment from you.

Lastly, always remember that making money from social media is meant for those who are regular with their responsibilities and believe in hard work. So, take the final decision at the earliest and start making money out of your social media network, today!

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