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How to write blog content

Blog is an informational website where an individual (known as a Blogger) shares his/her knowledge about the topic(s) of their interests. But, I can characterize a blog as an Online Content!

That’s the SIMPLEST definition one can get, from any source. A blog is considered as the most prominent format of content. Therefore, it becomes vital to be able to produce an effective blog for the betterment of the readers.

So, the query, how to write blog content gains a lot of significance and this entire blog is based on this topic only!

So, let’s start.

9 Easy Steps Towards Writing an Effective Blog Content.

Following 9 steps/strategies when heeded with allegiance, can cultivate a well-written and crafted blog!

1. Know your Audience 

This is conceivably the most fundamental aspect of starting any business. Knowing your audience beforehand can help you in the long run. Having a clear understanding of your audience gives you a clear vision of their demand(s), what do they want, what they care about, etc.

For instance, if your reader is interested in starting his/her own business, then you probably won’t provide them information regarding social media tactics, etc. Minimal knowledge of social media tactics is what they can show interest in but, they will primarily accept business-related blogs from you. And, the best way of doing so is to prepare a user persona.

Persona is a fictitious character that you create in order to represent different users who follow you, show interest in your brand, etc. A persona helps you in modifying your blogs/contents according to your user’s needs.

So, whenever you wish to start a blog, always know who your target audience is and what they desire!

2. Spend Time in Harvesting New Topics

As we have just talked about how vital is it to know your audience for whom you are putting in so many efforts, the topic of your blogs deserves the same percentage of importance from you because it’s said that if the topic is of no interest to the readers, then no matter who you are and how decent your content is!

So, the ability of a blogger to harvest new and interesting topics (also, meaningful!) on a consistent basis is what decides his /her future in the industry. 

Note: I know sometimes it becomes difficult to reckon new topics after some time so in that case, consider taking assistance from either Quora or your website FAQ, AnswerThePublic, etc. Mark my words, these are the gold mines of attractive topics.

3. Do some Keyword Research

After deciding the topic of your interest, it’s the right time to do some keyword research. Many bloggers keep wasting their time finding keywords from here and there.

So, in this section, I will discuss everything about keywords like what are they, why are the important, how many types are there, and how to find the BEST keyword, in no time! So, let’s start!

What is a Keyword?

It is basically a group of words in your blog post that helps the search engine rank your article a top when people search for the same keyword(s) in the search bar. For example, my article is about ‘How to Write Blog Content’.

So, people will search for write blog content in the search bar and thus, my keyword is ‘How to Write Blog Content’ (it’s a long tail keyword!).

Two Types: 

Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords

Short-tail Keywordsare those whose length ends after a maximum of 3 words. Like, ‘Write Blog Content’. Short-tail keywords have high competition and a huge search volume. Long-tail Keywordsare ones whose length exceeds 3 words! Like, ‘How to Write Blog Content’. These have low search volume and low competition.

Hence, for effective SEO, usage of long-tail keywords is recommended as an article with long-tail keyword has better conversion rates and is easier to rank higher.

How to find the BEST Keyword 

Now, let me give you those 2 tools that helps you in getting gripping long-tail keywords without wasting too much of your valuable time.

SEMrush:It is by far, the best keyword research tool I have ever used and its ‘Keyword Magic Tool’ is all you want to fetch a long-tail keyword with low Keyword Difficulty (KD), high Search Volume and higher Word Count.

Ahrefs: The only tool that stands at the same level of SEMrush is Ahrefs. It works similarly like the SEMrush. Type your keyword in the explorer, enter your preferred values of KD, search volume, and word count. It’s a matter of a few minutes for Ahrefs to produce the result.

4. Write Compelling Titles!

Do you know your article’s title will decide the number of clicks you will get. A good and attractive title is enough to catch the attention of the reader. For instance, consider the below two titles.

Heading 1: How to get traffic on your blog?

Heading 2: How to get traffic on your blog in 5 EASY STEPS

Out of these two, which one deserves more clicks and viewership?

Your answer will be the 2ndone and it’s true! But sometimes, crafting a title can be a herculean task for the beginners and to help them, I am providing my top 2 strategies via which, crisp and attractive titles can be produced in no time.

Strategy #1:

Always make use of modifiers in the titles, either in the beginning or in the end. Examples of modifiers are Best,Free,Guide,Current Year, etc.

Strategy #2:

Always mention odd numbers in your headings as search engines give more inclination to odd numbers than even numbers.

So, combing the above two strategies, my final blog title will look like:

9 Easy Ways of Making Money from Social Media.

5. Concentrate on the Opening first!

Consider the case that you encountered an article with a poor opening paragraph which is not even in the context of the topic. How much time would you spend on that article?

If I were you, not even a second, literally!

So, this ascertains how valuable is the opening paragraph in making readers go through your blog. So,  making the hook or the opening paragraph to point should be your first priority. 

How to write an effective opening paragraph?

The ability to craft a soulful opening paragraph depends on the skills of the blogger and the amount of information he possesses about the topic. But, below-listed strategies are universal and can be adopted by anyone.

  • Put your readers in a story. The sole aim of doing so is to make your reader nod his head, thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s me!’.
  • Ask a few questions to your readers and make them believe that the answers to such questions are contained in that blog only!
  • Add some interesting facts or stats that are in line with your topic.
  • Add useful sayings (Quotes) from some of the renowned faces in the beginning so as to get sheer motivation.
  • Bond over a problem, which you possessed and your readers are most likely to possess.
  • Lastly, don’t take the opening para too deep. That is, don’t start your main article content(s) there only.

In this way, you can craft an effective opening paragraph for your blog.

6. Insert Compressed Images and Screenshots

Always remember, A picture says thousands of words!

So, using images, videos, screenshots (all relevant to the topic) is highly recommended, to a newbie and a professional. Now, you may be wondering why I have used the term ‘Compressed’ with images and screenshots, right?

This is because, original images, and screenshots have larger file sizes and take extra to load. As page loading speed is an important ranking factor, reducing their size (by compressing them) reduces their size and increases their loading time. 

The best tool for taking screenshots is Full Page Screen Capture which I personally use because it’s easy to use.

Note: While compressing an image, always keep in mind to not make any compromise with its quality. A tool that you can use to make this happen I CompressjpegImageResizer.

7. Organize your Blog to make it more Readable

Suppose you have two blogs in front of you.

In the 1stone, the entire information is presented in the form of small paras of only 4-5 lines with tuning images. The latter one has only 1 big and dense paragraph but, is more informative. Which one would you opt for?

Obviously, the former one as information presented in small paras is easy to understand and give your the blog that extra readability.

So, organizing your blog content in small, digestible chunks are proposed by the experts! Also, this helps in the SEO process! So, try to encompass this strategy and see your business rise high. 

Note: Also, don’t forget to add a Table of Contents(with suitable headings & sub-headings) in the very beginning, after the introduction part, and before the actual article. This gives the reader an idea of what’s inside the blog and also helps you in knowing what you have to write next!

8. Believe in Evergreen Content!

Evergreen Content is that type of content that doesn’t lose its value even after years of publishing. These types of content will award you with views even after years of publishing. Readers find evergreen content more useful as they can consider reading it anytime in the future, as and when they desire.

Furthermore, Evergreen Content saves a lot of your time as evergreen content not always need up-gradation. So, always disseminate evergreen content on your blog as and where possible.

9. Keep Writing 

Do you know that out of every 10 people who yearn of being a Blogger in the future, only 6-7 turns out to be one in the future. And do you know, why this isn’t 10/10 even though Blogging is considered a straightforward profession?

The reason is that they get fed up of writing only after a brief period. This shouldn’t happen at any cost. One should keep writing as much as possible, even if it gets tougher due to sheet competition.

Whenever you feel out of ideas and enthusiasm to write, always take a look at the blogs you admire to feel motivated. This simple strategy can help you in residing at the bleeding edge of the industry. So, keep learning and keep writing!

Final Words!

Although a promising blog doesn’t come out on its own but adopting these 9 strategies can definitely help you in crafting one on your own!

These 9 strategies have been employed by some of the renowned bloggers in the field of blogging and are very helpful in shaping up your blogging career. So, it’s the perfect time to transform yourself into a high-end blogger!

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