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Till now, we were familiar with the following social media platforms for promoting our brand and to boost up our business social networking sites. And these are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Tumblr, etc. The reasons being the high usage of these among the youths and their popularity among some of the top-ranked business sites. But, we weren’t told that there is another platform which can hardly be termed as a social media platform and that is, how to promote on pinterest. The reason is simple. It is where we explore and learn new things which are indeed worth learning while the other platforms are just meant for engaging in more customers and audience. So, that’s why, today, over 200 million are active on Pinterest. 

Hence, if you aren’t familiar with Pinterest and its usage, then you are losing a large group of potential customers, which as a blogger shouldn’t happen at any cost. 

So, dive deeper into this post right from scratch where I will be covering everything from the basics. So, let’s start.

Why you should use Pinterest?

Why you use social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

For buying products, getting any sort of inspiration, or something else?

Some may use them in this manner while some may not!

Now, coming back to my question, Why you should use Pinterest?

There are two reasons for this which are personal ones and professional ones. Those who want to get immersed into the world of fascinating images, Pinterest is here for you. This is a personal one. If I am a businessman and want to promote me, my product or services I offer, I have Pinterest for that. This comes under the professional one. Some other reasons for the verification of the importance of Pinterest are listed below.

  1. It is a great source of inspiration and exploration for one.
  2. A great source for attaining a state relaxation by getting immersed in a pool of fascinating images.
  3. Anyone can save and store web links from around the web on Pinterest.

According to research, more than 90 percent of pinners prefer buying products displayed on Pinterest and also recommends to do so.

Overview of Pinterest for Business

Now, its time to get some familiarity with the basic terminology of Pinterest before staring with the account creation on Pinterest.

  • Pins

Without making things complicated, a pin on Pinterest is nothing but the images, links, and videos that someone chooses to save to Pinterest. For business purpose, links as pins are a great way of referring traffic onto the website.

  • Boards

Pinner is the common term coined for Pinterest users. Today, over 100 million pins are saved by pinners every day all over the world. So, to store them in an organized manner for an easy go through, Boards are present on Pinterest. That means if a board is named as ‘Travel’, then the pins in that board are most likely to be related to travel. So, the pinner can follow the entire account or just a single desirable board of his/her choice.

  • Feed

Do you know what a feed is on YouTube? If yes, then the same meaning is applied to that on Pinterest i.e. feed is the place where all the images and videos of your followed account or boards will appear for your quick reference.

So, these are the basic terms one should have a clear understanding of while working with Pinterest. And now, comes the part where I will teach you how to set up your Pinterest business account. You can also set up a personal account, but I will recommend you to go after a business one.

How to set up your, Pinterest Business Account?

I want to inform you one thing that if you have an existing personal account, you can make it a business account by filling in some additional details related to your business. But, today, I will help you in making a business account from scratch. So, let’s start.

Visit the official website of Pinterest and click on Pinterest as a business. The below-shown page will appear.


Now, fill in your email id, your password, business name (should be attractive and unique), the field in which your business falls (choose from Pinterest’s own list), and if you have one, provide the website (it is optional). And, click Create Account.

Note: Don’t forget to read Pinterest’s terms and conditions.

The below screenshot shows your personal home page which will just appear after creating your account.


Now, its time to complete our profile to make it more attractive to our followers. For doing so, log into your account and head to the Settings area.

Here, you can upload your business logo (which should be a defining one), a brief but unique ‘About you’ section (this should contain all the services you offer and your other features), and don’t forget about your business location and your business website via which people can reach you. Then, click on Save Setting.

Now, let’s confirm our website. This has 2 benefits:

  1. We will get to know when a pin is made from our site.
  2. It adds a logo to the pins made from our site.

To do so, again log into your account and in the profile section, scroll down and reach Confirm Website part. Now, into the HTML of your site’s index page, copy the available text. Click Finish to complete the process.


Note: To check your website confirmation, pin a link from your site and if your logo appears, it’s done

Here comes the most important part of this create account section, organizing the board. We will now create a Board where we can organize and store millions of images under one roof. And, people can follow either your own account or particularly a single board. So, let’s create one.

From your profile section, go to the Board and click on the red Plus to create a board.


Here, fill in a compelling board name (choose one that defines you in the BEST way ), if any. If you want to make your board private for a time being, launch the Secret option. Press the Save button after all this stuff.

Now, your board has been created but it’s empty right now. So, why don’t start pinning into it? Yes, let’s start. One of the easiest ways of adding pins to your Board is to get Pinterest browser button installed. With this, you can add any pin from the web in a couple of clicks. So, follow the given steps to do so.

  1. Install your preferred Pinterest browser button.
  2. On the toolbar, you will have the Pinterest icon. Click on it to pin anything from the web.
  3. Then, select images you adore (should be HD+, small in size) and Save.
  4. Choose the appropriate board to save those images.

Note: You can choose any number of images ( Pinterest suggests to add a large number of compelling images and photographs). And choose the BEST for your cover. 

And with this, congratulations, you own business Pinterest account is ready to serve you and your followers. Now, what all your business account can provide is a flexible profile cover, analytics, ads, etc.

Now, folks, be ready for some tips and tactics that one should/must employ to make the most of your Pinterest account has been discussed below.

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Tips and Tactics for using Pinterest like a Pro!

In this section, I am going to discuss some of the key tips and tricks using which you can take your business, career to a new high, using Pinterest. So, stay tuned till the end and explore with me.

  • Add Save button to your site

It is a common practice of adding a save button to your website since most of the users don’t have a browser button installed at their side. So, it’s important to take care of them by providing them a save button so that they can pin anything from your site via a single click. 

There are two types of buttons provided by Pinterest. One is an automatic one and the other is the hovering one. Automatic one will appear automatically on every image while the second one will appear only when someone hovers over an image.

  • Focus on the words along with the pictures

It is true that a picture is worth the thousands of words but on Pinterest, words along with suitable images are what is the real king. Only images are not enough to have a serious engagement with the audience. People also take a look at the description part to know what your brand is all about. So, make the most of the description part of Pinterest to let people know what they will get through the links to your website. Also, use your brand name in the first few lines of the description.

Additionally, keep in mind that if your content remains up-to-date and is beneficial to the audience, they will feel excited to follow you from both, inside and outside the Pinterest.

  • King = Images

We all know that Pinterest is a visual-based platform which incorporates images, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. Just imagine what a book with faded visuals and another one with HD and well-lit images. Which one you will buy? Obviously, the former one, right? So, the same applies to Pinterest. Always incorporate high-resolution, well-lit, and in-focus images so that more and more people are attracted to your brand. 

There are two types of images which are generally used on Pinterest. 

  • Lifestyle Images
  • Product Images

Lifestyle images are those images in which the product is shown in usage in real life to give viewers an idea of the product fitting, looks, etc. While in product images, only the product appears and only a few viewers show their interest in them. According to Pinterest, lifestyle images get 170% more checkouts and 30% more views and shares. For example, if I am the owner of a boot manufacturing company and I have to use Pinterest for its promotion, I would prefer images which would showcase how the boots can be worn. 

  • Use Rich Pins wherever required 

We are familiar with the normal pins on Pinterest. But there are some enhanced pins called Rich Pins. Rich pins show metadata right on the pin itself to provide extra information to the pinner regarding every pin. Information contained in rich pins is independent of the pin description so only relevant information is tied to the pins. For example, a rich pin for food will include its ingredients, recipe, cooking duration, etc. For an article, it would consist of the author name, date of publication, headline, etc. 

  • Make your Pins more accessible 

Since Pinterest is a visual platform where the engagement occurs via pictures, images, and infographics more than the words so, those viewers who have some sort of disability like low reading power or anything else find Pinterest arduous to deal with. They prefer other networks like Twitter or Facebook as these are text-focused. But, these people can also be counted in your potential audience and hence, you can’t afford their loss. So, to make them feel easy and comfortable with Pinterest, follow the given guidelines.

  • Increase the color contrast of the images as images with good contrast makes it easier for the ones with a low-visibility disability to visualize them.

So, these are the best practices to practice to make the disabled ones comfortable with Pinterest.

So, these are the top 5 Pinterest strategies for the beginners as well as the experienced ones to make the most out of Pinterest.

Top 4 tools to level up your Pinterest Marketing 

According to a study, 72 % of the pinners feel the need to buy products from different brands available on Pinterest just by having a single look over the images and without any prior planning to buy them.  This is the power of Pinterest Marketing. It is the best way of putting your products and services in front of the masses in a simple manner and with fewer efforts. And to do so, you have to make the use of some tools with which you can level up your Pinterest Marketing. These are:

  • Tailwind

Ever imagined how easy would it be if you can schedule when and how your content should be published? How easy it would be if you can develop all your content in your free time and instead of publishing them all at once, can schedule the same? Much desirable, isn’t? So, don’t worry, Tailwind is ready for your service. Not yet convinced? Then take a look at the other functions of Tailwind:

  • It repeats the content at intervals you choose.
  • Amplifies your customer reach.
  • Posts at the best time of engagement with audiences.
  • Measures your results.

Since Tailwind is a paid tool (30-day free trial and $15/month). For its detailed pricing and offers, do head to the official website of Tailwind. Till then, read further!

  • Canva

What things are most prominent on Pinterest? Images must be the reply. But, sometimes as a beginner, you fail in creating a visually appealing image for your pins. Canva is basically a graphic design and publishing software/platform, which is nothing less than a boon for me and you. It uses a drag-and-drop mechanism to build superior graphics for your pins. 

For the bloggers too, Canva is a blessing in disguise in today’s world where Photoshop has gained an upper hand despite having a complex follow-through. Canva has tons of templates and layouts to choose from and all these are completely customizable as per the requirements. You can even decorate your existing images on Canva or add your brand logo over them.

Canva is free to use if you are satisfied with the already provided images and templates but you can also buy new ones at $1 each, pretty cool! Also, upgrade your basic plan to a better one at $9.95/month when billed annually.

  • Piktochart

Pinterest consists of images, videos, etc. Is it complete or we are missing something? Yes, you got it right. We are missing Infographics here which are the visual representation of data, information to make them more understandable than before. During browsing, you can easily make contact with an infographic of high quality. These are easy to design with tools like Piktochart. Along with infographics, you can also create charts using this. On Piktochart, there are millions of templates to choose from and all of them come with customization options starting from the colors to the size (though it is recommended not to alter the size as these are developed with utmost care). 

Piktochart is free to use but for getting access to some latest templates and layouts, upgrade to the Lite plan which has a collection of 600 gorgeous templates. It costs around $12.50 a month.


IFTTT is completely different from the ones discussed above. It is an integration tool which performs the following tasks for you:

  • Sync your Instagram to a Pinterest board.
  • Automatically pin new posts to a specific category to a Pinterest board.
  • Pin new Facebook posts to your Pinterest boards.

And many more to be added to this list. IFTTT is completely free to use and doesn’t have any paid option as for now.

So, this blog must have fulfilled all your queries regarding Pinterest as a robust marketing platform than Facebook, Twitter, etc. And this true as such. So, create your account today and take your business to new highs.

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