How to Start Affiliate Marketing? (A guide to become an affiliate genius)

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing? How to do Affiliate Marketing? Well, these kinds of questions arise in our minds whenever we deem of Affiliate Marketing.

Today, all of us are fond of making money while sleeping. To many, this might appear nonsense but mark my words, Affiliate Marketing is currently leading the world when it comes to the simplest way of earning passive income or we can say one of the best ways to make money online.

So, this is definitely an important thing to understand every aspect of Affiliate Marketing deeply. This post is all about this. So, dive into this post right from the beginning to understand everything better.

So, let’s start.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

In lament terms, Affiliate Marketing is a process of promoting products and services of a particular company or any other individual through your links and social media accounts and for this, you earn a piece of the profit for every sale that you make.

The links through which people buy those products and select particular services are known as Affiliate Links.

The individuals who are associated with this marketing are known as Affiliates. These links are unique links that you are provided with from that company or an individual itself.

2. How do Affiliate Marketing works?

Your journey of an affiliate marketer commences from registering into a reputed and potential affiliate program like Click Banks, Amazon Affiliates, etc. These provide you a unique affiliate link which consists your username or ID. These links are to be copied wherever you want to promote the product like on any site, social media account, etc.

How to start affiliate marketing

After this, whenever anyone clicks on that link, a cookie is dropped into their browser to track them and to know whether they become a member or not. If they do become a member and buys anything from that link, the company gets notified about that sale through that link and in return, you are paid a commission. It’s that simple as it sounds and is definitely the best-earning source.

3. How to become an affiliate in 4 easy steps?

Becoming an affiliate is not a herculean task. You simply have to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to take a step further in the world of affiliate marketing.

  1. Choose a Product

Choosing a product for affiliate marketing is of the utmost importance. The selection of a product needs to be done after proper market research. The various factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing products are:

  • The product should fit with your niche.
  • Should be of higher value in the market.
  • The product should be appealing to you and considering yourself as a client, you should feel the need to buy it.
  • The product should be according to the interests of your audience.
  • Lastly, choose a product from a renowned affiliate program.

Following these guidelines, you can choose a product that will provide

2. Find your affiliate program partner

Now, you all must have decided the product of your choice and now its time to find a suitable affiliate partner that can fulfill all your requirements and your audience can trust upon. For this, go through the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • The program/company should provide quality products at reasonable rates.
  • Your desired company should cater to the needs of the audience.
  • They should provide you a high commission.
  • The company should provide other advantages and features to the purchaser at the time of purchasing a product. This is known as upselling.

This is how you can choose the most appropriate affiliate program.

3. Build a constant audience through data collection

Here, a constant audience means the audience that has been following you since day one. And that is only possible when you are able to understand their demands and interests without saying.

The importance of a dependable audience reaches the top level when it comes to the success of your affiliate marketing campaign. Because it is only your audience who is going to buy the products and only then you can earn a penny.

So, creating a constant audience is very important before getting started with any affiliate program. The simplest way of doing so lies in the research and days collection you will do in order to choose the product that the audience can admire and is of some use to them.

4. Choose Right Strategy to Promote your Content

Affiliate Marketing is nothing less than a business and requires both, an investment and a  right strategy. Affiliate Marketing certainly has the potential to drive sales and generate revenue but it doesn’t occur on its own.

Therefore, it is very important to apply the right strategy to boost your business and content. Some ways of doing so are: attract sales with coupons, deals, and offers on every product, leverage the power of niche influencers, build an affiliate network to boost your sales and gain a rapport in the market and optimize your product pages for better conversions.

These include the ability of the site to load faster, providing sufficient information about the product so that they don’t have to research anymore from their side, providing high-quality images for faster attraction of the users and your page should have a separate section for user reviews to know what they liked and what they didn’t.

So, these 4 steps can transform you into a successful affiliate marketer.

4. Best ways to start Affiliate Marketing

  • Blogs

Those who possess a personal website, love blogging, have a genuine fan following and a potential audience can practice affiliate marketing on their blogs only.

For doing so, simply place a small promotional content at any place on the blog and place the affiliate link there. And, if any your follower clicks on that link, a cookie will be dropped into their browser to locate them and notify the company about the same. And after a successful sale, you will be awarded a commission.

That’s all. Additionally, if you don’t possess any personal website, then simply try making one via WordPress and choose BlueHost as your hosting provider to enjoy some the premium features like the free domain name for the 1st year and special discount on your hosting plan. So, blogs are the best and simplest way of practicing Affiliate Marketing

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  • Instagram

Instagram is another best and high paying social media platform for easy and convenient affiliate marketing. Today, everyone on Instagram has tons of followers across the world and no one would have asked for a better place to promote one’s products and services.

One can easily transform Instagram into a passive income source by simply promoting a product through a small post or through a video message in which you have to just clarify its features and other details along with a link in the caption. And, after that, the process remains the same and you will get a commission for every sale made from your side.

  • YouTube

Is there anyone who hasn’t used YouTube for any particular purpose?

The answer is a strict no!

Today, YouTube is the best platform for learning new things free of cost from the bests in the world. And due to the emergence of millions of YouTubers every day, it has slowly shifted its base to a fully-fledged affiliate marketing platform, particularly for the YouTubers.

Now, a YouTube has to simply sign up with any reputed affiliate program, get an affiliate link, give a short promotion in the video, provide the additional details along with the clickable link in the description, and start earning.

  • Facebook

Facebook, a name that comes to our minds whenever we deem our friends and fans. But it can be more than that. Yes, you can do much more on Facebook along with sending and receiving friend requests and posting some beautiful posts.

You can use your Facebook account as the source of passive income by practicing Affiliate Marketing through it. For this, you can either use your personal Facebook page which is less effective and not recommended or can separately create an individual page where you can post affiliate links as well as some ordinary links.

This page can have your existing friends and some new ones who can trust you. Once you have posted any link, you can ask your friends to have a look as they trust you and you can ask them to share that link to others for promotion.

This will have 2 benefits, 1st your fan base will go beyond that Facebook page and 2nd more sales can be done in that way. So, Facebook offers you more benefits and earning opportunities than blogs and Instagram

5. Which is the best affiliate program available?

Today, there are numerous affiliate programs available worldwide. Some have several advantages over others and some have a poor impact on your audience.

So, how to choose from the available programs to give the best to your audience? Which program is best suited for you as a beginner, what are the additional benefits you will enjoy? These kinds of queries will be solved in this section only. So, go thoroughly through this section in order to choose THE BEST affiliate program ever.

Currently, Amazon is the biggest shopping platform all over the world and is capable of fulfilling the dreams of its customers. It is a leading affiliate marketing program for everyone and provides several advantages over others. You get UP TO 10% commission on every sale made through your links, along with your product the customer can also choose from Amazon’s diverse product collection, etc.

  • CJ

CJ Affiliate has been a platform that has been expanding in the market of Affiliate Marketing ever since its inception in 1998, the foremost reason for choosing CJ as your affiliate program. They provide products in almost every niche, making it tough for the competitors to compete with. Hence, CJ Affiliate is something you can rely upon.

  • ClickBank

If you are familiar with ShareASale, then ClickBank is nothing new for you. Here, you can easily navigate through several merchants and the products they provide so that you can choose one based on the requirements of your audience. You will find products starting from cheap range to the expensive ones.


Web Hosting: Ever wondered, Affiliate Marketing is not just about promoting products but is also about promoting services that can be beneficial for the people. In this section, we will be discussing web hosting service providers who definitely are worth trying.


  • BlueHost

BlueHost is currently the leading hosting and domain name providers which also assists you with the WordPress installation. They offer hosting plans at the lowest price of $2.45/month and a free domain for the 1st year. To make BlueHost more popular among others, you can sign up for their affiliate program where you can recommend BlueHost to others and get a commission for doing so. Along with this, you will also get access to text links and enjoy high conversion rates.

  • SiteGround

SiteGround has been in the field of web hosting for more than 10 years now. They have a reputation in providing world-class web hosting plans, woo-commerce site hosting plans, etc. By signing up for their program, you can make nearly $50 to $125 a month depending on the sales you generate. You can withdraw your payments on a weekly basis rather than on a monthly one plus, there is no such limit for sales to be done in order to get your first payment done.


Website: There are several websites online which provide affiliate programs to bloggers and others in order to get their products and services get promoted to masses and in return, they pay a huge amount as commission for doing the same. Some of them are discussed below.


  • Shopify

Shopify is the leading e-commerce website platform that boasts more than 40,000 merchants from around the globe. With its reputation as a great affiliate marketing platform, it comes with no surprise that one can earn a huge commission by promoting only Shopify to others.

  • BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another name in the list of top-rated affiliate marketing programs because of their in-built features. They boast more than 60k merchants offering different kinds of products and services to the customers. With BigCommerce, you can earn up to $120 per paying customer and they provide their own newsletter, text links, and banners.

  • 3D Cart

3D Cart is a reliable name in affiliate marketing since its inception and has been growing at a tremendous rate. It offers reliable conversion rates and provides 24/7 support to the affiliates.


Travel: With almost everything getting onto being available ONLINE, people are getting more fascinated with online holiday packages than before. So, why not take this opportunity with both hands and use this as a source of passive income.


  • TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a leading travel site that allows you to book tickets, hotels, vacation packages, and many more at cheaper rates with no compromise on quality and convenience. They provide spectacular referral rates and a dependable 14-day cookie. Due to these reasons, they are much more popular than others.


On, you can book your train tickets, flights, hotels, taxis, etc. at cheaper rates than others. Their affiliate program offers you access to over 2.2 million properties. The only disadvantage associated with them is that their cookie expires as soon as the customer exits from the browser.

  • Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts is a leading travel affiliate programs which provide nearly 80% commission out of which, 6% is for every hotel booking and merely 1.6 % for every flight booking through them. Their cookie expires after a period of 30 days.


Fitness Affiliate: Fitness is crucial for leading a healthy life but ever imagined, you can get into various Fitness Affiliate Programs like the ones mentioned below for the sake of passive income? If not, then read further.


  • Ace Fitness

Ace Fitness is a reputed name in the field of gym and fitness. They provide around 8% commission on every booking and the cookie lasts for nearly 30 days.


Another monster in the fitness industry, offers nearly 15% commission for the new affiliates and that reduces to 5%, for the existing ones. The tenure of the cookie is as low as 9 days.

  • TRX Training

This is a leading fitness giant due to the fact that it offers world-class training to everyone at affordable rates. They provide world-class training gear and customizable apps that make work out classy and simple. It offers a commission of 8% and 30-days in the life of their cookie.


Fashion Affiliate: The popularity of the fashion industry is taking the other industries by a storm. Anyone with prior knowledge of fashion and its whereabouts must take advantage of fashion affiliate programs like ones mentioned below. These programs are best for those who are keen on passing on their fashion knowledge and its trends to their audience.


  • H&M

H&M, a European brand that tops the fashion chart, provides a commission of nearly 7.5% per sale and their cookie lasts for almost a month. H&M provides the best options for clothing, its matching accessories, and many more. It is also a master at designing apparels for men, women, and children.

  • Wardy Parker

Wardy Parker is a brand in itself when it comes to the sunglasses with class written over it. They provide a 40% commission rate and their cookie lasts up to 45 days. Moreover, if any of your referrals join this program, you will earn an additional 10% on that participation.


Recurring Affiliate: This affiliate program may not be known to many but definitely needs more appreciation. A Recrruing Affiliate Marketing Program is a program in which the affiliate gets a commission for every sale on a recurring basis. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Buzzsprout

It is a well-known podcast host that offers 20% recurring commission for every sale along with an Amazon gift card worth $20 to the new users. Their 24/7 support always caters to the needs of the affiliates and users.

  • ThinkiFic

A reputed online course platform, ThinkiFic, pays a huge recurring payout of $20+ for each sale made by the affiliates. Their team is reliable, creative, and their unbeaten support makes them stand at the top of the others.

  • Aweber

Trusted by more than 10k email marketers, Aweber is the best email marketing platform that keeps your business ahead of others. It provides the user with 3 different plans to choose from. They provide a massive 30% recurring payout, highest till now.

  • Getresponse

Getresponse is another email marketing platform that helps in bringing traffic to your website, generates leads, create comprehensive content, and boost sales. It offers a recurring payout of 33% to the affiliates and several benefits to the users like customizable templates, etc.

  • Elegant Theme

Elegant Theme is a widely used WordPress pre-designed theme that makes your website look more appealing to your eyes. Their affiliate program pays around 50% recurring payout for every sign up done from your referrals side. They provide text links, banners that you can place on your site and whenever anyone clicks them, their activity gets traced by their affiliate software and you get the commission for that.

  • Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach is an all-purpose influencer marketing tool that helps you create creative content, generate leads, etc. They provide 20% recurring commission for every customer signed up from your side.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is widely used and most preferred SEO tools that assist you with all the SEO tactics like keyword research, ongoing activities on your site, powerful keywords to attract more traffic, etc. SEMrush also provides you with backlinks, geodatabases, etc. They will pay you about 40% commission for every referral.


Beauty and Makeup Affiliate: There are tons of beauty and makeup affiliate programs in which you can get enrolled. Anyone with an interest in the field of beauty and styling can become an affiliate as everyone is dying for beauty and cosmetic tips. This business is increasing day-to-day because of the increasing popularity of these affiliates on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Some of them are given below:


  • Madison Reeds

One of the prominent names in the cosmetic industry, Madison Reeds is preferred for its products like hair color, shampoos, conditioners, accessories, and styling tips. In this program, you will get a $20 payout for every sale along with a $10 bonus for first referral. The cookie lasts for 30 days.

  • Sephora

Sephora is another cosmetic giant that boasts more than 200 coveted brands and over 13,000 cosmetic and beauty products. They provide free shipping for orders over $50 along with free samples for every product. They pay a commission of 5-10% for every sale made and you will receive your 1st payout within the 24 hours.

  • BH Cosmetic

For bloggers with ardent beauty and makeup enthusiast followers, BH Cosmetics affiliate program is a great find. They provide a cookie that lasts for 60-days. Whenever any sale is made via your link, you will get an 8% commission for that. It’s free to join this program and you will get a text link or a banner from them to be placed on your site for promotion.


Gaming Affiliate Program: With today everyone showing interests in online gaming, joining a Gaming Affiliate Program is a must. Joining these no helps you in earning a decent commission, but also helps you in making online gaming a trendy in every part of the country. Some of the renowned gaming affiliate programs are:


  • Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming is a one-stop destination avid gamers and provides products like gaming backpack, wired and wireless earbuds, headphone, etc. They provide text links, banners, etc. for the promotion of their products and for every sale through your end, you can earn a decent 5% commission. Their cookie lasts for 180 days, which is enormous.

  • GameFly

GameFly is the best platform to buy, rent, and play games and videos you love and adore since childhood. GameFly has made sure that every game can be played on any operating system starting from the older ones to the latest ones. Their affiliate program gives you $15 commission for every trail sign-up, 5% on a new game sign-up and 10% for used games. Their cookie lasts for a brief 30-day period.

  • G2Deal

G2Deal provides best-in-class gaming related products and services for ardent gamers. This is how their program works: you have to promote and sell their products via an affiliate link given to them. Whenever any referral clicks on the link and makes a successful purchase, you earn a commission of 5% for that.


CryptoCurrency Affiliates: CryptoCurrency is the future. Everyone with a decent understanding of the term should accept the chance of earning from these through the below-mentioned cryptocurrency affiliate programs.


  • is a high revenue bitcoin platform where you will earn a bitcoin on every successful referral. For this, you simply have to refer to your friends and followers through social media using a unique affiliate link and whenever they make a successful trade, you will be awarded a bitcoin. The earning period is 1-year from the registration date of the user.

  • Ledger Wallet

One of the simplest ways of earning bitcoins, Ledger Wallet provides 10% commission on every successful purchase in the form of bitcoins. For this, simply place the URL given to you on your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and whenever anyone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn something.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is the easiest platform for getting started with trading worldwide. Here you can buy and sell various digital currencies like BTC, ET, BCH, etc. with added security. For an extra earning, you can sign up for their affiliate program and earn $10 for every sale of $100 BTC.


Sports Affiliate: The sports industry is supposed to reach $73.5 billion market share in the coming years and for bloggers who review sports and their types of equipment on their blogs must enroll themselves into the below-mentioned sport affiliate programs to be a part of this high revenue field.


  • FanDuel

FanDuel is an online fantasy gaming platform where you earn by playing games along with your friends. In this program, you simply have to promote FanDuel through their own links, banners, videos, etc. which are free to use and for every sale made, get paid via cash.

  • Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia is an authentic sports gear and products site. They have 50k+ products for the affiliates to choose from which would appeal to the audience. Some of the reasons for partnering with them includes a commission ranging up to 12%, awesome promotion tool, odd 30-day cookie length, and 100% authenticity of each and every product among the 50k available across 11 sports.

  • Draft Kings

Draft Kings is an online referral program that will pay you nearly 40% commission for the sales in the first 30 days and then 20% after that. 

So, here comes an end to my list of Top 13 High-Paying Affiliate Programs available under every niche. But, if you want to start any other niche affiliate, comment down in the comment box for the best affiliate in that niche. Till then, move onto the other section.

6. 5 Pro Tips to make a good income from Affiliate Marketing

Making a standard income from Affiliate Marketing is not acceptable when you have put in so many efforts by researching a lot, building the content from everywhere, getting the trust of the audience, etc. So, to make your experience of Affiliate Marketing fruitful and be able to generate sales and high income like a Pro,

we are providing you with the 5 tips which certainly will help you in getting what you deserve. Here they go:

  1. Make your email list from day one

An email is a powerful tool for every kind of marketing including Affiliate Marketing. The email list consists of a highly targeted audience that wants to read about the product and services you are promoting as only those must-have subscribed to you.

Hence, an email list with only the targeted audience enables the affiliates to reach to them all at once through a piece of software. So, affiliate marketing through email is nothing much but a simple way of sending the product information to your subscribers who have subscribed to you with a piece of software along with an affiliate link.

Now, the information in that mail should be in such a way that the individual receiving the mail may not resist himself from clicking onto the link and purchasing that product. And in this way, you can see significant changes in your sales and revenue.

2. Choose trusted partners and products to promote

Now, the most important aspect of Affiliate Marketing comes in the form of choosing your affiliate partners and the product you wish to promote to your audience.

Choosing a partner and the product should happen after knowing the kind of audience you generally have on your site and what they would like. For example, if you have a young audience who loves going to the gym or are fitness enthusiasts, then promoting anything related to music, food or cosmetics will make no sense.

But if you are choosing the best Fitness Affiliate programs which have a good rapport among the audience along with a fitness-related product, then in this way you are reaching to your audience more deeper. And now, they can show interest in your links and products.

3. “Say No” Don’t promote anything to make instant money

Any business or niche started with a sole aim of instant money making goes nowhere in the future.

Just is the case with Affiliate Marketing. Here also, you are the king if you have ample patience. If you are keen to earn money instantly from Affiliate Marketing, then you are into the wrong business. Because here, you can only succeed with the help of your rapport among his audience.

If they have any trust in you and in the products you are promoting, then only they will be keen to have a look into them and purchase them. This is possible only if you have been standing on their expectations and recommending the right product to them. So, never ever promote anything for the sake of some commission and live up to the expectations of your audience.

4. Focus to solve the problems and money will attract to you

A good affiliate is one who can understand what the audience wants. If you are seeing that your audience is showing more interest in your beauty and makeup related blogs and they want you to give some recommendations regarding that and if you’re doing that by promoting cosmetic products of a renowned brand to them, you are simply solving much of their problems.

This should happen in every niche and is a must for survival in Affiliate Marketing. And, if you continue doing this, your target audience will grow larger and larger and ultimately, your product will reach to masses with almost a huge leap in the sales.

Henceforth, your ultimate goal should be to solve the problems of your audience and money will automatically attract to you, that too quickly.

5. Make a strong Digital Presence, help people on a mass level

You must have heard that everything is going to be digital in the future.

People will prefer online products rather than personally going to the store and purchasing them. 

So, why not to cash in here?

In order to reach to the masses, you have to get more digital. Having your website SEO optimized is the key. The better rank your site will have on search engines, the faster it will reach to more readers. Then, the more traffic your site will witness. And on the basis of this, more and more affiliate programs will consider your blog site for promotion and due to that heavy traffic, you may be able to generate extra sales.

And finally, your commission will prosper day by day. So, having a strong digital presence is a must for any affiliate marketer. This will also enable you to cater to the needs of people on a large level.

Therefore, follow these 5 pro tips in order to carry your affiliate marketing career to a new high.

7. 5 Common Mistakes affiliate marketers make

If you are in the field of Affiliate Marketing for some time now but aren’t witnessing an increase in sales or generation in revenue, then most probably, you are making the below-mentioned mistakes.

  1. Choose Products without research 

The choice of products determines your success rate in affiliate marketing. Better is the product, the more it will be desired by your audience. The product also needs to be in accordance with the niche you are writing on. For example, if you are writing on Fitness and Exercises, and you are promoting products regarding cosmetics or travel, the product will not make any sense irrespective of the importance of that product.

No one will damn even deem of clicking on the link. But in another scenario, if the product is in accordance with the niche, you can get an unimaginable sale and revenue.

2. Promote multiple products at the same time

Just imagine in a YouTube video, ads accounts to 5 minutes of the total 15-minute video. It’s not even worth thinking. This is just similar to affiliate marketing.

When you start promoting multiple products on your blog, your blogs appear unorganized and confusing. The user finds it difficult to extract useful information from the blog. Hence, choose the best affiliate program which offers high commission and adheres to it only.

3. Promoting irrelevant products just for the sake of income 

Several money-minded affiliates just keep on promoting irrelevant products to their users for the sake of income and fails miserably in the long run.

When you are promoting products and services that are in relevance to the blog or niche, the user feels the need to check out the product. Only then, you will get the desired sale and revenue. 

4. Instead of adding value, start Spamming

The entire point of engaging in affiliate marketing is to make passive income. But in order to make extra income, some affiliates start spamming their audience with constant emails regarding the products in which they are no more interested.

This makes them annoyed and forces them to unsubscribe you and stop visiting your page in the future. This not only leads to a decrease in your website traffic but also leads to a decrease in your followers.

5. Lack of Patience 

Patience is the key to survival in any sort of business. You can not expect success in anything at the beginning only. It takes several years and hard work to get some profit from affiliate marketing.

First, you have to win the trust of your audience through your blogs and their useful content, then you have to choose a particular product which is desirable by your audience, then you have to properly research the best affiliate program, and then only, you can expect some profit.

So, only patience is the king here and better your patience level is, the better you will succeed in the long run.


5 Best Plugins/Tools for Affiliate Marketing 

There are numerous tools and plugins available to increase your sales and earnings in Affiliate Marketing. These plugins not only help with the promotion of the products but also help you in getting a good digital presence. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

A well-known affiliate link management plugin, ThirstyAffiliates is the best WordPress plugin for experienced affiliate marketers who have enrolled in many programs and therefore, need to manage their links easily. Leave this job to this plugin. Using this, you can auto-insert links into your posts, can see the performance of each link on the site, and organize links according to the categories for easy management.

2. Adsanity

As the name suggests, Adsanity is an ad management tool that helps you with ad-related issues. Using Adsanity, you can easily insert banners, videos, infographics, etc. You can also schedule the running time of the ads on your website. Adsanity also gives you the provision to see how each ad is behaving on the blog site.

3. OptinMonster

Getting the email list ready from day one is a must for any affiliate marketer which consists of only a targeted audience that may purchase something from your links. So, OptinMonster is the perfect plugin for this purpose. With this, you can add lightbox pop-ups, sidebar forms, after post signup forms, etc. It also allows you to perform split tests and boost your email signup rates for better earning. Its other advantages include an increase in sales, less annoying, etc.

4. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus is the best email outreach software in the world. It provides you with features like automatic replies, email tracking, auto-personalization, etc. Using this tool, you can add multiple email accounts and manage them all using a single dashboard. It is a must-have tool for connecting with influencers, building contacts, and generating website traffic.

5. Monsterinsights

Monsterinsights is the best affiliate link tracing tool on WordPress. Using this, you can identify the highest-earning pages on the website, track your AdSense earning, your e-commerce transactions, etc. 


  1. Do you need to pay to join an Affiliate Program?

No, almost all the affiliate programs are free to join. You just need a healthy audience who can buy products on your recommendations from an affiliate program.

2. How much can you make from affiliate programs?

It depends on two factors:

  • The sales you are able to generate through your blogs.
  • Commission your chosen program will offer per sale made.

3. How do you choose an affiliate program?

In order to choose an affiliate program, keep the following things in mind:

  • The rapport of the company in the market. Better the image, greater will be the chances of people buying products from that company.
  • Quality of the products the company offers.
  • Their support system.
  • Lastly, the commission that the company offers.
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