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Nowadays, blogging has shifted its base from being a leisure activity to a full proof business, a business in itself or a way of promoting one! As a blogger myself, what I have noticed until now is that most of the bloggers speculate that blogging is just fabricating blog posts on a site. But, in actual, it’s more than that. No blogger can be successful if he/she isn’t reaching to masses. What separates an ordinary blogger from the successful ones is the way they facilitate their blog posts on various platforms in a quest to reach the masses.

It’s rightly said that if the audience is not able to reach you, you must try to reach them! And this is possible only via PROMOTING your blogs, wherever possible. Then, a question always ensues, how to promote blog postseffectively without any hassle. So, today, through this particular post, I will vindicate all your doubts on how to promote blog posts and will throw some light on certain things that need to be checked before promoting anything anywhere. Lastly, I will be discussing some great platforms which are a windfall to any blogger and are free to use for promotional purposes. So, without further ado, let’s start today’s article on how to promote your blog!


Merely writing a blog is not sufficient to get recognized as a wondrous blogger. Promoting it suitably across different platforms is the key that makes the actual difference. But, before promoting, there are certain guidelines to follow, not following which won’t revert back the aspired results. Those guidelines are:

  • A professional-looking blog with attractive content and headlines are what the readers look for every time. So, your blogs should be professional looking and highly responsive. It must be well organized and must have an ‘About Page’ and a ‘Contact Us’ page. This way, they come about you & your brand in-depth and they will connect with you if, they like the content. Ultimately, they will follow you on social media platforms as well. Hence, remember, your first impression is your last impression!
  • Security is important everywhere, over a blog too. So, make sure your blog is SSL encrypted. It will let the readers exhibit trust in your blog physiologically and by the way, blog security is also important before getting started with promotional activities. 
  • Blog must have opt-in forms so you can plague the emails and later on, you can send your new blog posts to your subscribers directly as they are your most trustworthy readers. For setting up an opt-in form, always trust theOptinMonster Pluginfrom WordPress that aids in creating and melding email signup forms on the website. This plugin has a terrific record in the lead generation and has been in use by some great bloggers too. 
  • Blog loading time is crucial for succeeding in the blogging career. Lower loading time is directly related to higher conversions and low bounce rates. According to Google, the average blog loading time is near to 2-3 seconds. You can check your blog’s loading speed using GTMetrix. Now, you must be aware of the fact that your chosen hosting provider also plays an important role in your site’s loading time. So, in my recommendation, always choose A2 Hostingand Sitegroundas your hosting service provider as these two have been known for furnishing the lowest site loading time of merely a few seconds.
  • Setting up Google Analytics is vital before getting started with the blog promotion so that you can measure all the performance(s) & reports of your blog and emphasize the crucial ones more. This also helps you to understand your audience’s behavior and interests.

So, these 5 guidelines are utterly important to check and validate before promoting the blog posts.

Now, I’m going to discuss with you the top 11 strategies via which you can expect/get the desired results. So, let’s start.

1. Facebook

Blog Promotion on Facebook

With a monthly user base of over 300 million globally, promoting your blog posts over Facebook is the best bet today. Via Facebook, you can catch a wider audience and if they like your content, they too can share your content and posts further. Hence, with minimal efforts, reaching the global audience is a reality, courtesy Facebook. Now, there are some pro tips on how to promote a blog post on Facebookand those are:

Post on the Best Days & at Best Times 

How many hours on an average you usually spend on Facebook?

Your answer must be in either minutes or a maximum of 1 hour. Right?

So, this proves that there lie some specific or the best times when most of the users come to live on the application. Therefore, for better results, it is highly advised to post your blog posts during that time interval only, to reach surplus users. 

Post an Optimal Number of Posts/Day

According to a study, posting a single post on a daily basis has been highly beneficial enticing abundant traffic on that particular post. But, this entirely depends on the number of your followers. For example, for every 10k followers, 2-3 posts each day is also considered a good practice.

Entertain your Audience via Your Posts

Content with lots of pictures and videos is highly entertained on Facebook. The audience on Facebook loves entertainment. So, prefer posts with a 100 character length and do include some emotional visuals (like pictures, videos, infographics, etc.) to rank up higher at your friend’s newsfeed.

Quickly establish your own Facebook Group

You must have caught a glimpse of a number of Facebook groups with thousands of group members. Today, Facebook groups have gained an upper hand when it comes to reaching a broader audience at a single time. The common advantages of a Facebook group are that via a Facebook group, you can get some useful suggestions and feedback on your current and upcoming projects along with sharing your blog posts. 

To create your own Facebook group, head to the left side of your news feed, go the ‘Groups’ section and click on the ‘Create Group’ option and within no time, your Facebook group will come alive. Now, be active in your group, post regularly, and take your reader’s point of view into consideration. For example, join my Facebook group, Blogging Light to know more!

Pay to widen up your online reach using Facebook ads and Boosted Posts

While using Facebook, you have the option of boosting your post and pinning it at the top of the newsfeed to gather more views and traffic. Also, you can make the use of Facebook ads to enhance the reach of your blog posts.

2. Instagram to Boost Traffic

Instagram to Boost Traffic

With a user base of 1 billion as of 2018, Instagram acquires the 2ndspot after Facebook in the list of the most influential social media platforms. An enormous 86% of the high-end brands have their Instagram accounts and have been surging in terms of online profit.  So, there lies no reason for not using Instagram as one of the sources for blog promotion. Everyone believes that Instagram is meant for lifestyle and travel bloggers, but today, it has arisen as the promising PLATFORM for promoting blog posts in order to reach those 1 billion users. 

So, I am partaking with you the top 4 strategies on how to promote a blog on Instagram.

Introduce Yourself through a Concise Profile Bio

It goes without saying that if you are into any sort of business and possess an Instagram account, the first thing(s) the viewer will look for will be your bio and after that, your posts! Through your bio, he/she will come to know about you, your brand, etc.

So, updating your Instagram profile bio regularly is pursued. Being a blogger, your bio should clearly state synopsis of your blog, what you’re passionate about, etc. Plus, provide a clickable link to your blog/website in your bio for immediate results as you can’t place any link anywhere in the profile as well as your posts unless you’re nurturing your posts using ads. Make sure your bio shouldn’t sound like an essay, keep it crisp and straightforward.

Post Quality Photos and Videos 

Content is the real sovereign of a blogger. A good content defines the doom of the blogger. On Instagram, it’s vital to make sure that whatever you’re sharing, is relevant and of high quality. That is, use HD photos, high-quality videos, and use some intriguing filters to enhance your posts. Make your post’s caption eye-catchy and don’t make it an essay, just a few lines and you are good to go.

Engross with other Influential Bloggers in your Niche and Learn from them

A staggering 86% of the top bloggers possess an Instagram account and boast millions of subscribers. So, articulating with them about their success and compiling valuable information from them is a great way of rising on Instagram. Follow other bloggers, Like and Comment on their posts, and learn from them. Note this, getting success on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight, work harder and be earmarked. 

Foster Exemplary Stories

Do you know that on Instagram, other than photos and videos, another way of keeping your readers engaged to your Instagram page is by posting stories about what you’re doing right now, what next is about to come on your page, etc. Also, you can convert your epic post(s) into a short story to share on Instagram. So, always post some interesting stories to keep your audience updated about everything.

3. Twitter 

Blog Promotion on Twitter

Along with Instagram and Facebook, Twitter also holds a momentous place in the social media industry. Twitter too rambles a user base of over a million or close to billion! And to your surprise, today, it has become the top-notch choice of bloggers to promote their blogs and posts. Being a global platform, there are some strategies you can make use of while promoting your blog post on Twitter and these are:

Tweet at the Best Times

Just like on Facebook, the posting time plays a vital role, in Twitter too, it holds a significant place. Tweet the most when most of your audience is online. To know which time is best to tweet, do some research or use some tools like Sumo Buzz.

Tweet Generously 

Many of you don’t know how many times you should tweet/post per day in order to capture more traffic. So, after a brief study and research, what I found is that on average, 15 tweets a day are sufficient to promote your blog posts. So, post multiple times a day to enhance your online presence on Twitter.

Tweet helpful Tips to Grow on Twitter 

Tweets carrying visuals along with some key points from the blog posts, some 70-100 characters long that helps the reader portray himself tend to do wonders for you. Therefore, always tweet something unique and useful for your proponents on a regular basis.

Use suitable hashtags to reach an expansive audience base

Who the hell don’t use hashtags on Twitter? Hashtags are an integral part of both, Instagram and Twitter. Just create or follow a trending hashtag within your niche or which can define your niche better. But, that hashtag must be in the context of your blog post. But one thing that I have noticed is that some of you find it difficult to find the most relevant hashtag for the tweets you will use to promote your blog posts. So, below is the list of some popular tools that can help you do the above, in the coolest manner.

  • What the Trend is meant for providing you a list of the latest and trending hashtags that can do wonders for you.
  • provides trending hashtags related to your niche/industry.
  • Twitonomy is just like Google Analytics. It simply describes the analytics behind every hashtag to make sure that you choose the most profitable hashtag that can bring enormous traffic. 

Note: According to the best practice, incorporate at least 2-3 #s per tweet to see your engagement rise by 21%.

So, always use popular and trending hashtags (in context to your blog).

Pin the Tweets at the top of your Profile

Whenever we yearn to follow any individual on any social network, we tend to first see his/her profile and bio to get an idea of the owner of that account. It’s human nature! Similarly, while on Twitter, your profile makes lots of difference. So, always keep your profile updated like your clothes. Now, it is advisable to pin your tweets at the top of your profile so, whenever anyone visits your account, that tweet will be the 1stone to get into the notice of them. Doing this earns your posts much longer visibility than usual. 

4. LinkedIn

Promote your blog on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily a professional’s social network that doesn’t involve the sharing of photos, videos, etc. related to one’s personal life. LinkedIn is a job-oriented platform and thus, offers huge opportunities for the promotion of blog posts. Here too, lies some useful guidelines or strategies that can bring wondrous results. So, below are those.

Post on the most Appropriate Times

Being a professional’s networking platform, it goes without saying that LinkedIn remains more busy on weekdays rather than on weekends. So, post regularly on weekends i.e. Saturdays & Sundays.

Post a pertinent number of posts/day

As said earlier, LinkedIn remains more active on weekdays than on weekends. So, posting once in while on weekdays, especially from Tuesdays to Thursdays make complete sense. Now, most of you keep asking me how much you should post/day to keep your followers engrossed, so after my brief research, I came to the point that posting 4 blog posts a week i.e. 1 post/day (from Tuesdays to Thursdays) is appreciable.

Widen up your LinkedIn group and Promote your Posts there

Just like you use a Facebook group, in the same way, you have to use the LinkedIn group. Just expand your LinkedIn group, reach to the masses, develop your skill set, ask some questions from your masses regarding your business and blogs, and get their feedback on your current work. Also, convert their suggestions into high-quality content. 

How to Create a LinkedIn Group?

First, go to your homepage. There, head to the ‘Interest’ section. Then click on the ‘Groups’ option and then on ‘Create Group’ under the ‘My Groups’ tab. Done!

So, these were some ways via which you can promote your blog posts on LinkedIn.

5. Pinterest 

How to promote blog on Pinterest

Now comes my all-time favorite, Pinterest. HD info-graphics, photos, short videos, etc. are all that you usually discern on Pinterest. Pinterest is all about these basically! It has been recognized as a promising social networking platform for promoting blog posts using different visuals which are both, appealing and informative. So, for a blogger, Pinterest is nothing less than an ecstasy! And for this, following pro tips can help you succeed in the long run. 

Pin Multiple times a day!

Some say pinning 4-5 times a day is regarded as the best practice while others believe pinning 20+ times a day is more profitable. So, lots of confusion is there regarding the pinning frequency, isn’t it? But, don’t fret a bit though. 

According to my recent study, I concluded that pinning an utmost 8-9 times is so far, highly practiced by globally recognized bloggers, so you should follow that only. So, pin for a maximum of 8-9 times a day.

Write Positive and Lengthy Pin Descriptions

Just like on a search engine, your meta description helps the forthcoming reader to get a preview of the entire content, on Pinterest too, the pin description plays the exact role. So, try to make it as distinctive as conceivable, incorporate keywords to help new readers find your pins easily. Give your pin description a robust look and make sure that the prescribed length of 300+ characters is heeded. Plus, plus, plus, pinners admire positive descriptions the most, so make sure yours is positive too to get more clickthroughs.

How to promote your blog posts

Optimize your Blog Posts visuals for greater reach

As we know, Pinterest is basically a visual-based platform. Photos, infographics, videos, etc., all are highly appreciated on Pinterest. So, taking care of this, strive to optimize your blog posts visuals in accordance with the pattern(s) which is commonly followed on Pinterest. That is, make sure that the images never exceed 735px x 1102px size frame. On Pinterest, graphics with a contrast of red and orange earn 2x more repins than those who spout a contrast of blue with any other dominant color.

Try Pinterest’s Promoted Pins

Just like Facebook’s boosted posts where you pay some extra penny to get your posts boosted atop, in 2014, Pinterest came up with a similar idea, in the form of promoted pins. Just purchase a pin and get in the notice of a broader audience base. But, to your knowledge, these pins are available in the US only but Pinterest has promised to make it accessible to the entire world, soon. BTW, these pins are capable of increasing the engagement rate by 2-5%. So, once accessible, these are going to be BADASS!

6. Social Bookmarking

How to promote your blog

Let me reveal a secret. When I first heard of Social Bookmarking, I felt a little bewildered. I knew what’s bookmarking but not Social Bookmarking. Then, I read and researched a lot for the same and then, I arrived at this simplest definition: 

Social Bookmarking is a way of storing, organizing, searching, and managing ‘bookmarks’ to a particular web page. When the user feels the need to save a bookmark to a particular webpage for future, he/she can save those bookmark(s) on a special bookmark dedicated site known as a Social Bookmarking site and an additional benefit of doing so is that those bookmarks are public i.e., they can be viewed by others too! 

Some conventional social bookmarking sites are and

How Social Bookmarking helps promote blog posts?

So, getting well-versed with the exact meaning of the term, let’s discuss how it helps in promoting a blog post.

  1. When your blog gets listed on a bookmarking site like or, you get access to quality traffic also termed as virtual traffic. That’s so because your site appeared in the search topic they were interested in. And, here too, the quality of your site’s content will decide whether those random visitors will become your subscribers or not.
  2. Most of the popular search engines list results from various social bookmarking sites in the SERPs. So, if your site has been bookmarked, there’s a possibility that your site may be listed too. So, earning you some additional and valuable traffic, free of cost!
  3. After attaining success in step 2, people can too tag your site to other bookmarking sites which in turn, can be a continuous process, if you’re lucky enough.
  4. Also, do add social bookmarking buttons on your site beforehand to enable its listing and bookmarking by others.

So, in these ways, you can easily promote your site/posts via social bookmarking.

Top-ranked Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Dribble
  • StumbleUpon
  • Pocket
  • Reddit
  • Slashdot

These are my picks for the BEST SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES.

7. Visual Marketing 

Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing or commonly termed as Visual Content Marketing is a powerful way of gaining immense traffic from various sources. It has been found that top-notch content coupled with relevant images/visuals increase the chances of someone reading that content by a whopping 80%.

Isn’t that cool?

It is! Also, to your surprise, visually aided content captures 94% more views than the content devoid of visuals, images, etc. So, visual content marketing is the future, today! Now, you must be wondering where to place an image, at the beginning or at the end, or in-between the content. So, an easy way of deciding the above is illustrated in the below visual.

How to promote your blog

Now, remember, it’s a must to spread a number of relevant images across the entire content, like after every 350 words. This way, you provide the reader freedom from only text-based contentand as we all know, a picture feeds information in the best way, so do incorporate a vast number of images in your content.

Various Visuals you can make use of in Visual Marketing 

Apart from relevant images, you can use:

  1. Logos
  2. Charts
  3. Graphs
  4. Infographics
  5. Stock Images
  6. Custom Images, and so on.

How to Promote your Blog Posts using Visual Marketing 

  • Create Posts that are uncommon to others. For this, use different emojis, line breaks, infographics, unique fonts, etc. depending on the platform you’re using. Not doing the above will make your post a mundane one and you won’t stand out in any way. Note, excess of anything is harmful. So, don’t exceed the usage of the above in any way. Keep it limited and tasteful.
  • Visual Marketing is not just about images, it’s worth equally dedicated to videos. According to research, videos tend to leave a greater impact on the reader’s mind than images. 80% of the readers can recall all that they have learned from a video, even after 30 days. So, use some videos to complement your content.
  • Effective visual marketing relies on the fact that how effectively you’re able to communicate a piece of information to the user. Information is much easier to assimilate in visual form than in the textual form. It helps you in accomplishing greater impact and also helps in building a heart connection with the audience. 

So, believe in Visual Content Marketing as it’s going to nourish your blog post and your online presence.

8. Search Engine Optimization 


How many times you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on my blog? In my counting, it’s close to 100, I guess! Here, it too has the same meaning. So, without wasting a second, let’s know how to promote a blog post using SEO.

Focus on one Keyword per Blog

We all know how hectic it is to find a powerful and high-ranking keyword for a blog. But, that’s the only way of achieving your dreams. So, cut down your stress and focus on a single primary keyword per blog.

General things to keep in mind while dealing with keywords.

  1. Always go with the most searched keywords that are easier to rank for on every search engine. For this, use Google’s Keyword Plannertool that aids you in getting a complete list of the most searched keywords. Then, to determine how difficult it will be for you to rank for that keyword, use Moz’s keyword difficulty tool.
  2. Now, publish a blog post of a suitable length, say 3k+ coupled with the appropriate usage of the primary keyword. The article you’re reading right now is worth 5k words.

So, in this way, you can have the most valuable and profitable keyword for your blog post.

Optimize your Blog Posts

Today there lies messes of ways of optimizing your blog post in a quest to attain the b search engine ranking possible but the general ones are:

  1. Always use your primary keyword at the very beginning of your post title/headline.
  2. Use your keyword at least twice in the meta description.
  3. Use your keyword liberally throughout the entire blog post, especially within the first 100-200 words but don’t overdose the keyword. Google hates this!
  4. Look out for the LSI keywords in your content.
  5. Lastly, use keyword in the URL too like

So, in these ways, you can optimize your blog posts.

Perform Interlinking

How to promote your blog

Interlinking is a way of linking your one blog post (usually the older one) to the latest one in order to help the reader read further about the current topic. Also, greater the number of internal links to a page, the more importance it carries relative to other pages within the site.

So, these are some ways of optimizing your blog posts for higher ranking and to promote your blog posts.

How To Interlink Your Blog Posts

Interlinking is a proven way of bringing intense traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Check this to learn best way of Interlinking.

9. Guest Blogging

How to promote your blog

Guest Blogging in layman’s terms is writing for someone else’s site (a more recognized and traffic-rich site) and in turn, earning a backlink for your own site. In this way, you earn the fondness from a vast audience. Plus, providing a credible article for a reputed site marks your own credibility. So, guest blogging is a cost-effective way of getting in front of a large and relevant audience. Also, your own cultivated post will rank higher on SERPs when posted on that high-ranked site than on your low-ranked site (as of now, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to invite guest bloggers for your site!). 

Some ways to get the most out of  Guest Blogging

  1. Know your audience/customers. Not knowing your audience isn’t going to help you as a guest blogger no matter how much is your qualification. Once a wise man said if you tend to write for everyone, you often end up writing for no one!
  2. Writing great and alluring content is the key to success as a guest blogger. One way of doing so is to write in order to solve someone’s problem which others would also like to read.
  3. Build networks and relationships with the BEST within your niche.
  4. Build your email list today in order to reach more and more people out there. It also helps you in getting published on reputed sites. To build an email list, place opt-in forms on your site as well as on every blog post. For this, refer to the OptinMonster plugin, if you’re a WordPress user.

So, using these strategies, your guest blogging career will reach all euphoria you dreamt of in the beginning.

10. Personal Branding

Now, Personal Branding is a bit different from the above ways for promoting your blog post. This personal branding is related to building your own brand which is best possible through blogging. A blog is considered as an advice hub. It’s about using blogging for building your own brand for a better social reach. So, let me explain how to build your own personal brand as I did.

  1. Develop your brand and keyword(s) around a niche. I have talked a number of times that keywords are what you should prioritize the most. A niche needs to be of your interest as only then you will be able to write and write a lot! Then, a keyword that defines that niche should be given priority. For this, use Google’s Keyword Planner as it can actually help you out of this.
  2. Building a proper blog within the niche and with the keyword is your next task. And, its designing is vital for branding. Make sure your designing roams around your niche & keyword. In blogging, your first impression is your last impression. So, blog designing is equally important for building a brand.
  3. Being consistent with the relevant content is all that makes the difference. There are several reasons for this fact. Some are:
  • More relevant content improves your SEO.
  • Your content is meant for advising people. So, never be inconsistent with that.
  • There’s a lot of competition going on around you. So, don’t lag behind.
  • The more you write, the better you refine your brand and the better your brand will be.
Blog Promotion

A blogger should follow this cycle for better social reach. Just write, edit, and post! And, use different social media platforms to further capture some traffic on your blog. So, always remember being consistent with content like 2-3 posts a week is the key to building up a successful brand. Additionally, do some guest blogging treating that site as your own and produce remarkable content.

11. Networking/Blogger Outreach

Networking and Blogger Outreach are almost the same as Guest Blogging. In fact, blogger outreach is nothing but helping out other bloggers/influencers and reaching out to see if they could do the same for you and your site. So, getting aid for more lead and traffic generation from other successful bloggers in your niche is what blogger outreach is. It’s like getting introduced to a new and unique audience which without blogger outreach definitely would take more time. It has several advantages like:

  1. It helps in building some good relationships with the successful bloggers out there within your niche.
  2. It earns you some vital backlinks for your site from the reputed sites.
  3. Blogger Outreach gives you a ton of online shares.
  4. It gets you the targeted traffic, in an easy way.

So, this is why it’s so substantial for bloggers to do blogger outreach.


Now, via this article, you must have a perfect solution to your query on how to promote your blog and blog posts. All the above-mentioned strategies and platforms will work only if you are highly committed to them. Blogging is not that casual as you may think. Accomplishing anything from blogging that you dreamt of before getting turned on with blogging will not transpire at the earliest. Start at your own risk at first, not at all thinking about the final result, keep yourself engrossed with only Blogging, Blogging, and Blogging! It doesn’t mean that you should devote your 24 hours to it, but whatever amount you’re devoting, devote it religiously. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms of the same breed boasts millions to billions of users globally and me and you are amongst them. We use these gold mines for common things like posting and commenting on personal posts, memes, etc. Do these too, but along with these, take the help of these platforms to increase your brand! 

Therefore, via this blog I only want you all to have a clear-cut mindset about blogging and only then, you can match the level of those within your niche. Success is not easy to procure, especially if you’re a blogger as in this profession, the better you communicate with your audience, the better it would be. 

About Author

Himanshu Shrivastava

I am the Founder of Adsteller Technologies. I consult SMEs & Corporates to strategies their digital marketing plan. I started to help people globally, Who wants to start their blogging career.

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