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How to use Blogging as a passive income source?

This query strikes our minds as soon as we start thinking about blogging. There are some ways or we can say strategies that can be employed to make money from a blog. But, for that, you have to fulfill certain criteria to make Blogging a passive income source.

These are the quality of content written, the appearance of the blogs, consistency of the blogger, etc. We will learn about all these in this article.

1. Start a Blog

The sole reason behind Blogging should not be only making money but also to share useful knowledge with the readers. To start a blog, you have to get a domain registered with your name and also a suitable hosting plan for making your website live on the World Wide Web.

But, today the number of companies providing these facilities are increasing at a brisk rate and thus, creating confusion in the minds of freshers. So, to aid you with, I would suggest you get your personalized domain name meeting your requirements from GoDaddy and get a hosting plan from Hostgator.

These are currently the 1st preference of Bloggers across the world and have been in this field for years.

1.1 Start with a Clear Why

Starting a blog and being dedicated to it is not an easy task for anyone. It is like a Business which requires your time and efforts as an investment and you get viewership traffic, satisfied readers, etc. as returns.

Just shifting to a blogging career because someone wants you to do that is not the point. It’s your interest that will help you grow. I started blogging when I realized that I have all the potential and courage to share my thoughts and knowledge with masses.

People will read your writings, will feel motivated, and will follow your guidelines.

So, it becomes utmost important that you are sharing the right information with them. All this is possible only when you have an interest in that, have proper knowledge about various topics of your interest.

So, treat blogging as a business and have an agenda for the success of the same.

1.2 Niches make Riches

What is a Niche?

This question must have crossed your mind after reading the heading. Well, a niche is a subcategory or we can say, let a small business which is bound to a small audience. Example, beauty, and health is a wide category and it comprises of several sub-categories and all those sub-categories are individually known as a Niche.

While blogging choosing an appropriate niche is of utmost importance. Choose a particular niche which you master in and can produce healthy articles with ease.

Like music is a wide category, but you can choose particular music of your choice that you know deeply. Concentrating on a single niche under a field rather than considering the entire field is what makes you a good Blogger in the future.

1.3 Who can start Blogging as a career

Blogging can become more than interest if you have dedication, serious knowledge of the needs of your audience, passion for writing, and some serious commitments.

Only with these, you can transform your interest in Blogging to a full-proof career. You need a clear understanding of the topic or niche for which you are going to write, that covers all the requirements for starting blogging as a career. So, master these and you are good to go.

1.4 5 Formula for a successful blog

 5 Formula for a successful blogging career

It is always hit one’s mind, how to start a successful blog?

Tasting success as a Blogger depends on various factors. You have to take into consideration the below mentioned 5 formulas in order to survive in the field of Blogging and mind my words, I followed these too only!

Tasting success as a Blogger depends on various factors. You have to take into consideration the below mentioned 5 formulas in order to survive in the field of Blogging and mind my words, I followed these too only!

1. Select a Niche

Selecting an appropriate niche for your blogs is a step without which you can’t even think of proceeding further.

There are many factors which determine the choice of a niche. These are the popularity of the niche in the market, your understanding of the niche, etc.

If you are interested in fashion or cooking, you should either have knowledge about these or must gather abundant information about these.

I am fond of writing blogs for freshers and freelancers to motivate them so most of my blogs are in relation to that. So, consult your brain while choosing a particular niche as changing niches with time is not considered a good practice. So, choose one and adhere to it.

2.  Consistency is the Key

Consistency is important in every domain, whether it’s blogging or any other job.

In blogging, readers see an instructor in you and look for a source of important information in your articles.

That’s why it becomes extremely important that you are consistent with your blogs. The readers can’t tolerate any delay in the blogs. If they are reading your articles and getting motivated, it’s your job to withstand on all their expectations from you.

Moreover, your content should be a fresh one and should contain all the necessary information regarding the topic of your blog. So, be consistent with your blogs and success will be a consistent visitor in your Blogging career.

3. Take Care of your readers

Taking care of the readers is what makes a blogger a successful blogger.

When we write a blog, we must try to write in such a way so as to create a deep impact on the minds of our readers. We should try to build a heart connection of our readers with our blogs.

For that, we have to write according to their needs. If they are investing their time by reading our blogs, then we should try to give them some returns through our articles.

Also, they shouldn’t feel that the blog they are reading is insufficient or comprises of useless data. So, you should always try to produce meaningful articles for your readers.

4. Take it as a business

Blogging is very much similar to a business. Just like the success of your business depends on your efforts, in the same way, the success of your blogs depends on your efforts too.

You should try to make a single blog at a time instead of working on multiples at the moment. Invest your money, time, concentration, and all on only a single blog and get traffic on it. So, concentrating on a single blog at a time is the key to get success in a business called Blogging.

5. Research

Selecting a niche complete 20-40% of the work of a blogger.

Researching about that niche for quality content from various sources completes around 50% of the task. After this, a blogger’s duty lies in properly placing the gathered information in his own words in a meaningful sequence for the convenience of the readers.

A blogger should be proactive while researching a topic. Daily, new technologies come and go and only with consistent research, we can get to know about them. Example, if I am writing about any sort of government exam and its terminology, I have to research daily in order to keep my readers aware of the latest news of that exam and the changes incorporated recently.

Else my blogs will get outdated and no one will consider them in the future. That’s why researching is another important aspect of blogging and its requirement.

2. Create amazing content

Content is what where blogs succeed and fail among one another. Your blog should consist of relevant content and that content needs to be extraordinary. Pure, informative, meaningful, concise, properly sequenced, etc. are some aspects on which your blogs should stand upon.

How to do this is what I am going to discuss in this subsection.

2.1 Know your audience

A successful blogger is one who can clearly understand the needs of his audience. Before starting blogging, you should know who your target audience is. Are they aged ones or teens or sometimes adults.

All these have their own interests and requirements. Suppose you are writing blogs for the benefits of the teens regarding their exams and course material but you are using a language which can not be understood by them, then the purpose of that blogs go into the pot.

That’s why it becomes extremely important for a blogger to have an utter knowledge about his audience, and their requirements.

2.2 Write Compelling Headlines

What attracts us towards the advertisements in the newspaper or on a billboard?

The answer is its appearance and catchy headlines.

Headlines play an important role in attracting readers towards your blogs. There is a proper criterion for the headlines in blogging following which you can take your blogs to the next level.

These are: incorporate catchy and compelling headlines, headlines should give an overview of the entire blog/article, headlines should be of proper length, they should contain both numbers and letters, and lastly, headlines should be able to leave a positive impact on the viewer. All these, when taken into consideration, increase the traffic on your blogs automatically.

2.3 Add Multimedia (Images, Videos, and Infographics)

We all have heard about the phrase – A picture is worth a 1000 words.

This too applies in our blogs. No relevant pictures, no videos, and no infographics make our blogs boring and lengthy. Today, no one has time to read the entire blog which consists of only words and not multimedia.

But, even with a single image or a video, our blogs transform into an interesting one. So, multimedia also plays an important role in blogs and take them to a new level.

So, always try to incorporate any sort of relevant multimedia in your blogs to make them more compelling, readable, and understandable by the masses.

2.4 Optimize for SEO

We have used compelling headlines, incorporated every possible multimedia in our blogs, original content with accurate information is present, but still, no viewership or traffic, why?

Then, you are lacking in SEO optimization. After getting a hosting plan, you have to make sure your website and blogs article appear at a good rank on search engine result page (SERP).

Only then, readers will be keen to have a look into your blog as no one considers going onto the next page on a search engine. So having a good rank will attract more readers and traffic to your blog and your blogging career will get the required boost.

So, having basic  SEO knowledge is another requirement for blogging. Through various SEO techniques, your blogs can appear at the top and will force the reader to have a look into them.

3. Find Readers

After choosing a niche and writing blogs on that, another herculean task for the writer comes in the form of generating a good number of readers.

For reaching them, there are numerous ways one can follow which are both economical and effective. So, in this section, I will discuss those ways only.

3.1 Content! Content! Content!

The reason for the success of the bloggers lies in the quality of the content they produce. Today, readers prefer those blogs only where they feel it’s appropriate to invest time and energy.

So, in order to fulfill their demands, content is all that makes a blog useful and informative. Therefore, a blogger should concentrate only on the quality of the content and if it’s worth, readers will get attracted to it automatically. So, CONTENT IS THE KING!

3.2 Use Social Media to build Readers

Today, every single individual has a social media account(s) on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

According to a study, on an average, an individual spends half of the day on social media only, through posting and commenting. So, what could be a better place than social media to promote your business of blogging?

Gathering the attention of millions of users over social media can definitely boost traffic on any blog, on any niche.

So, social media is indeed made for helping bloggers get the attention of readers without much hassle. Just create an account on any platform and share your blogs for public reviews and you are good to go.

3.3 Optimize Website for Search Engine

Every day, tons of domain name and hosting plans are registered. That means tons of websites related to different niches, businesses, etc. become live everyday and hence, generating an urgent need for the bloggers to keep their website alive on search engines.

A simple way of avoiding this at any point in time, we should optimize our site for every search engine with the help of SEO. With SEO and some basic keyword research, we can make our website rank among the top sites on search engines. With this, our blogs will be accessible to all the visitors on the world wide web which ultimately will make you succeed.

3.4 Interact with Readers

Interaction with your readers is an important part of blogging.

They are the one who will make you succeed and they are the ones who will make you struggle in the blogging career if they find your blogs not useful.

So, with regular interaction with the readers, you get to know about their requirements, their area of interest, what further things they want you to add in your blogs, etc.

All of these will be beneficial for you only. Moreover, readers will start having a heart connection with you and your blogs.

So, always be active while reading the comments of your readers and take them positively. It will help you in improving for the future.

4. Make Money

After getting started with blogging for some time, it’s the right time for you to start earning money from that.

We all know that blogging is one of the best ways to make money on the side, but ever wondered how do bloggers make money?

The answer is simple. There are several ways of doing that but they by themselves will not get you a single penny. Your website traffic, viewership on your blogs, etc. determine the success of the below-mentioned methods of earning money. So, here they go.

4.1 Advertisement

Advertising any sort of services, products, etc. through your blogs is the widely used method of creating money from blogs. Placing an advertisement on your blogs generates revenue for the advertiser and he will in return, pay you a decent amount.

There are many advertising agencies that follow the same principle paying bloggers for placing ads on their blog page.

4.2 Monetize Your Website

One of the common ways of earning through blogging is by monetizing your blogs with either CPC/PPC or CPM ads.

Both are different in functionality and pricing. CPC means ‘Cost per Click’ in which you, after placing an ad on your blog anywhere, will get paid on the basis of the number of clicks that particular ad will get from the viewer.

It is sometimes not as effective as CPM or ‘Cost per 1000 Impressions’ where you are paid a fixed amount by the advertiser depending on the views your ad gathers. So, these are beneficial once your popularity grows in the market and you get huge traffic.

4.3 Sell private ads

Selling private ads on your blogs is another way of making money blogging.

It can be done by selling buttons, links, or banners. For that, include a ‘Advertise with us’ page on your blogs providing all the information regarding the format of the ads available, and how much it would cost per month.

Through this, buyers can have an idea about it and you can start earning money. And you can also charge at your rate for every link, banners, or buttons sold through your site.

4.4 Sponsored Content

If you have decent traffic on your blogs, and your blogs are popular among masses, then you can publish sponsored content on your blogs for any company in order to promote their services, products, etc. and in return, you will get paid for that.

This is by far the easiest way of making money through blogging as you have to write small content for promotion and the company while considering certain parameters, will pay you accordingly.

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4.5 Affiliate Marketing

This mode of money-making includes the usage of Affiliate links which are only provided by the advertisers, affiliate marketing agencies like Amazon, and private companies like Commission Junction, Clickbank, etc.

You just have to place these links your website or blogs such that gets the reader’s attention. Then, you have to promote that product and ask your audience to get that product from that link only.

Affiliate Marketing

If anyone clicks that link and purchases anything, you get a commission amount from that company. Currently, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is running in full flow and is the best platform to sign up as an affiliate marketer. You can place these links anywhere you wish. Read more about it

4.6 Sell Digital Products/Services

This method of making money through blogging comes into practice if you don’t want to promote any service, or product on your blog. Then, you can shift to selling digital products that are in a league of their own.

Being popular among the masses, they can generate great profits using minimal efforts and investments. Then, you can sell digital products as mentioned below.

  1. eBooks
  2. Online Courses/Workshops
  3. Images, video, or music people can use in their own content
  4. Apps, Plugins, and Themes
  5. Events/Webinar Tickets
  6. Consulting Service


1. How much can you earn from blogging?

Blogging is a business that starts with a proper strategy. You have to be very clear with all the parameters of blogging, you have to understand why you want to shift to blogging, etc. Only then, you can survive in this field and only then you become eligible for earning.

Below is a list of the blogs which are generating huge revenues per month due to the efforts put in by the writers.

S.No.BlogsMonthly RevenueFounded
1Huffington Post  $14,000,0002005 
7Perez Hilton$575,0002004
9Smashing Magazine$215,0002006

                                                                                                             Source: Forbes

2. Which hosting service is good to start?

In my opinion, Hostgator are an expert in providing cheap and quality hosting plans across the globe. They have expertise in supplying you with numerous other additional features which are very rare with other companies. So, you can trust Hostgator for a hosting plan.

3. I am not a very tech-savvy, can I do this?

Yes, as blogging is not technology-dependent or involves developing. It merely requires your time, effort, good vocabulary, and a passion for writing. So, if you have all these, you are the right candidate for blogging.

4. How much does having a blog cost?

It completely depends on the companies you choose for getting a domain name and a hosting plan as some offers everything at low prices and some offer nothing at high prices. If you go with GoDaddy and Hostgator, you can have your blog site being started at a cheap price.

So, it’s a one-time investment and the additional penny you will be spending in the future will be only for enhancing the presence of your website on the search engines.


So, getting into the field of blogging is not a herculean task if you are well-aware of the know-how of blogging. SEO basic knowledge is a must so that you can rank your site on the top of the search engine. And, this article is enough for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in blogging. So, all the best.

If you re looking to make money from your blog, which subject will you start with?

Let me know in the comment section. 🙂

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