How to secure a Website | 7 actionable steps


Ever wondered how to secure the website? I bet you haven’t until now. In either case, no need to worry much as today’s post is all about how to secure a website. Let’s start with the introduction first. After developing

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How to get traffic on your Blog | 5 ways to get traffic even you’r starting out


Blogging Light is an art through which we share certain useful information to our readers. And, in return, we get paid for all the work we do. But, how? It’s through the traffic or in layman’s terms, the number of

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How to start a blog on WordPress | The Definitive Guide 2019

How to start a Blog on Wordpress

Blogging on the side as a passion or hobby and blogging as a full-proof career, both are different in reality. Blogging as a hobby can be done for free with limited resources but that’s not true with others. A good

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