6 Best Hosting Affiliate Program | Earn up to 140$ Per Sale in 2020.

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Best Affiliate Hosting program

Why are you blogging? What’s your reason behind opting for blogging? What do you want to achieve via blogging? And, this list of queries is not gonna end for now at least! In blogging, there are a vast number of possibilities of money-making out of which, Best Hosting Affiliate Program is in trend!

Today, I will discuss the 7 most profitable means of earning from web Hosting Affiliate program along with a detailed explanation of 6 Best Hosting Affiliate Program which are badass!!

So, let’s respect the value of time and get started without further ado.

Why Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

As discussed above, as a blogger, adhering to the ancient money making strategies aren’t going to work for long.

Shifting from time to time to the new ones is highly recommended for survival. And, for this, starting recommending your trusted web hosting services to your readers is what is in the trend, right now!

This passive income source is not going to die at any point of time as every day, millions (OK, crores) of people set up their WordPress websites and therefore, they would need a reputed web hosting service.

So, why don’t promote our trusted partners to them and get paid for that? Isn’t it sounding?

Yeah, it is!

So, first, let’s discuss How to Make Money from Hosting Affiliate.

1. Always recommend web hosts you trust!

That goes without saying that honest website marketing is directly proportional to sales and profit!

Take, for instance, If you’re promoting products which you have used on your own then chances are >90% that the viewer is going to go that way. 

But here, in case of web hosts, I am not telling you that, in order to make more sales, start using more and more hosting providers, say, 10.

The only thing I want to convince you is that recommend those hosting providers only which you have earlier used excessively, or are using at the moment.

Don’t promote those web hosting platforms you haven’t heard of or haven’t used to date. This will not only degrade your rapport as a blogger but will also have a serious hit on your traffic.

2. Write Unbiased Reviews

Writing unbiased and honest reviews of the product you are promoting is one thing that differentiates a successful affiliate marketer from the rest.

Honest reviews give the readers a feeling of satisfaction and they feel no harm in going by your sayings about the product you’re endorsing.

A simple way to write honest reviews is by analyzing how your competitors or other marketers are promoting products by writing reviews. Also, following the below strategies can help you in doing the same.

  • Always include all the pros and cons of the web hosting review you write (like don’t bypass any con(s)).
  • In order to build more trust, you can also provide alternatives in your posts while writing reviews.
  • Always, while placing the affiliate link, mention a small affiliate disclosure that should state that you are making a small profit out of this promotion without charging you anything further. 
  • Don’t do anything for formality. Details form an important aspect of affiliate marketing. So, along with mentioning all the features of the hosting platform, closely emphasize on the eye-catching features like hosting its downtime, uptime, server time, etc.
  • Your review should sound like a REVIEW! It shouldn’t be like you are forcing the reader to do as you wish.

So, in this way, you can write an effective and commanding web hosting review that can make your reader go with your sayings.

3. Optimize your Site Before Starting with Anything!

Do you know all the hard work you have done till now will be of no use if your website isn’t optimized? Slow-loading websites are not promising among the audience.

To clarify this point, I am listing below some stats which justifies the value of website optimization!

  • 79% of web shoppers don’t consider the same website again for shopping if they encounter any problem with it’s loading speed.
  • 46% of people feel that waiting for pages to load is what dissuades them from browsing websites on mobile. 
  • Sites whose loading time remains within the bracket of 2-sec to 5-sec witness 70% longer average sessions.

So, in a nutshell, website optimization should be your 1st priority especially if you are a blogger!

Here are some ways that can help you with the process of website optimization for better affiliate sales.

How to Optimize a Website

Website Optimization is by-far, the best-known strategy of achieving all that you want to achieve from your website like traffic, profit, etc

Website Optimization for Mobiles

Today, there are 1.75 billion smartphone users out of which, nearly 49.7% use their smartphones for browsing a website. Also, since in the last few years, 90% of users search for local information on their handsets only.

This data proves that mobile web users outnumber those who make the use of a desktop. And, this stresses how important it is to have your website mobile optimized.

So, make your website mobile responsive as soon as possible!

Note: You can make the use of a plugin called WPTouch that is particularly meant for making sites mobile optimized.

Note your Page Loading Time

Some tools like Pingdom and GTMetrix are helpful in making you aware of your page loading time. So, in case your loading time exceeds the prescribed limit of 3 sec, you can undertake the necessary actions like switching to a better hosting provider from a shared one.

So, via these way(s), you can your page optimizations to the point.

4. Transactional Keywords + Informative Keywords = More Sales

If you ask a successful affiliate marketer about the strategies they employ to drive more traffic to their website, their reply would be through ‘search engines like Google’ as search engine visitors are most likely to turn into your customer if they get any sort of discounts.

And this can easily be achieved by using transactional keywords along with the informative ones.

Now, consider one example to understand these terms better.

Web Hosting Reviews – this is an informative keyword (these educate the viewer about your product).

Web Hosting Discounts – this is the transactional keyword (these educate the viewer about the discounts available on that product).

How to find Transactional & Informative Keywords

So, now I will let you know how to get these keywords in a simple way.

  • Use an appropriate keyword research tool like SEMrush which can do more tasks other than the keyword research.
  • Focus on low competitive keywords as they are easier to rank and do find one primary keyword for every post you publish.
  • For more organic traffic, use related keywords along with the target keywords so that you can rank for more search terms.

In this way, you can generate more affiliate sales by doing effective keyword research.

5. Promote your Web Hosting Pages

For an affiliate marketer, promoting is considerably significant for boosting sales and profits. But, don’t utterly depend on your viewers to reach you, instead adopt some measures to reach out to them. For this, simply promote your web hosting pages across different platforms where most of the audience resides.

Some of the ways of doing so have been discussed below for your reference.

  • Use the affiliate links as much as possible.
  • Write the reviews obeying the guidelines mentioned above.
  • Construct an email list of your dedicated subscribers and reach out to them for promoting.
  • Use social media, excessively!

Also, consider my recommendation. Switch to Google AdWords. It is an online advertising platform by Google where you can drive paid traffic to your site. 

Pro Tip: Always use the keyword research tool SEMrush to find paid keywords and ads used by your competitors and other successful web affiliate marketers so that you get an idea of what keywords to target for maximum revenue. Try 14 day free trail.

6. Offer your readers something extra

How many of you wait for the sales to begin before purchasing anything like appliances, clothes and much more stuff like that?

Even I used to do so!

This is where the shop owners swell, by offering free products and great discounts. Similarly, you can swell as a web affiliate hosting marketer by offering something extra to your readers. Like since you’re a blogger, you can offer free of cost writing services, blog installation, etc. if they use your affiliate links. Though it might appear as additional work, through this, both the parties will be highly benefited. 

Also, why your audience should buy web hosting only from your affiliate links?

Then, that something extra you will offer them gives your audience a solid reason to buy web hosting services from your affiliate links!

7. Use Facebook ads

Investing in Facebook ads is known for increasing the hosting affiliate sales and helps the marketer in targeting the specific audience. When you create high-end ad copies powered with attractive titles and irresistible offers, Facebook ads convert like crazy.

So, these 7 strategies will definitely help you in increasing your hosting affiliate sales and will also, drive more traffic to your own site.

So, now its time to discuss the Top 6 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs that are trusted globally by billions of marketers and are highly rewarding.

Top 6 Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

1. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program 

A2 hosting affiliate

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program is a renowned web hosting program and supports WordPress hosting. It is a promising program to join if you’re a fresher and looking to monetize.

A2 hosting provides various hosting plans to meet each and every requirement of the individual. The minimum commission to expect starts from $85 and rises to $140, depending on the conversions.

A2 hosting gets the payments done by the 15th of every month via PayPal transfer (Note: For payment to be released, you have to touch the $100 bar, if not, it will be released the following month). 


  • A2 offers high payouts than any other affiliate program with the minimum commission starting from $85 which rises with the rise in conversions made. For example:
  • A2 hosting pays you $5 additional for every sale/conversion made by your sub-affiliate.
  • A2’s cookie lasts for 90 days that means during this period if anyone makes a purchase from your link, you get qualified for the commission.
  • Their exclusive control panel, iDevAffiliates is an all-in-one control panel that helps affiliates keep an eye on the sales they are making along with manuals and videos which helps them in enhancing their conversion rate.

Hence, A2 Affiliate Hosting Program is best suited for marketers if they want a higher commission from the beginning only. You can join A2 Hosting Affiliate Program here.

2. SiteGround Affiliate Program

siteground hosting affiliate

After BlueHost, if any other hosting platform has been at the top since its inception, then it has been SiteGround. Regarded as one of the prominent choices among the bloggers, it is independent and user-friendly.

The minimum commission for an affiliate starts from $50 per sale and goes up to $125 as the conversion rises. Some of the features that make SiteGround the BEST are:

  • In the SiteGround hosting affiliate program, the commission is directly proportional to the referrals you make. For instance, 
  • This feature is what makes it highly popular among bloggers, No Minimum Sales! That is, for your payment to get released, you don’t have to make any fixed number of sales or reach any particular benchmark (like in A2 hosting, 1st reach $100 benchmark and then only, payment will be made). So, even you are able to generate one sale, you will be paid $50 for that.
  • Say goodbye to the monthly payment system! At SiteGround, you will get payment done weekly to have a regular cash in-flow (best for the newbie or small-scale bloggers).
  • SiteGround provides exclusively designed and organized banners to the affiliates for attracting more viewers along with robust affiliate support for any sought of guidance.

Therefore, being in the industry for over a decade now and trusted worldwide, you can be assured of high returns per sale at SiteGround.

3. BlueHost Affiliate Program

Bluehost hosting affiliate

BlueHost, a name that strikes your mind with a bang whenever you think of getting started with WordPress, provides high-quality and low-cost hosting plans along with cheap domain names.

It has a stronghold among bloggers who prefer a reliable income stream without much mess. Its basic commission starts from $65 and goes up to $120, depending on the number of sales you’re able to cause.

Some of its eye-catching features include:

  • With basic pay of $65/sale, the better you market them, the more sales you will be able to generate and the more commission you will earn.
  • After making a successful sale, you will be entitled to the payment after the 45 days of that sale (between 16th and the last day of the month). Like A2, you have to reach a benchmark of $100 for getting payment released in your PayPal account.
  • BlueHost is believed to have the most sophisticated and technological advanced tracking software so be assured of getting a commission for each and every sale made!
  • BlueHost provides high-quality ad links and banners for promotion along with superior guidance and support to the affiliates.

Also, BlueHost is also a trusted brand for its affordable domain names and thus, its domain name is in use by millions worldwide. So, getting BlueHost hosting sales done is not a hectic one. So, these all make BlueHost my all-time favorite affiliate hosting platform.

4. WPX Hosting

wpx hosting affiliate

Regarding WPX Hosting’s power, read what Matthew Woodward, an award-winning tech blogger has to say: WPX is the fastest WordPress host with world-class support!

It has a dedicated 24/7/365 support system that’s rare with other platforms. Some of the features that make WPX Hosting the FAVORITE are:

  • Affiliates can earn up to $100 commission per sale.
  • After signup with the WPX Hosting program, the payment will be released after 35 days of the first sale.
  • Affiliates can have a direct skype call to their affiliate manager, from Monday to Friday.

WPX Affiliate Hosting Program has a different pricing system. So, I will discuss it separately, here.

There are 3 tiers- Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. For Tier 1: For the 1st 25 successful referrals, you will be paid $70/referral. For Tier 2: After completing 25 referrals, you qualify for Tier 2 where you are paid $85/referral. For Tier 3: After completing Tier 3, you move to Tier 3 where the commission soars to $100 per referral. 

Hence, by far, WPX Hosting is the fastest host ever known to us.

5. HostGator Affiliate Program

Hostgator Hosting Affiliate

HostGator is the longest standing hosting provider in the industry and is an elite member of the Endurance International Group. With over millions of happy customers worldwide, HostGator Affiliate Hosting Program is worth joining. Some of the unique features are:

  • It boasts the following performance-based commission structure:
  • HostGator has a monthly payment system and you have to reach the minimum amount of $100 for the payment to be released. 
  • It provides a variety of banners, ad links, and other promotional material. Along with this, you also get expert guidance to boost your conversions in order to earn more.

Due to its extreme popularity, it’s an easy task to market them and thus, with fewer efforts, great earnings are possible!

6. WP Engine Affiliate Program

wp engine hosting affiliate

As a blogger, if you are more interested in WordPress themes and plugins, then WP Engine Affiliate Program is there for you! And since WP Engine is a leading web hosting service provider in the industry, you are assured of recommending a high-quality product to your readers.

Now, let’s take a look at some of its amazing features.

  • They provide a minimum commission of $200 per sale. Quite big, Nah? No other program can even match this amount!
  • People who opt for WP Engine are chiefly devoted WordPress users looking out for the best hosting platform and WP Engine never disappoints!
  • WP Engine pays a small commission of $50 for every sale made by your sub-affiliate and thus, further making WP Engine a great deal.
  • Normally, other programs have a cookie duration of 30 or 90 days at last. But, the WP Engine cookie span is 180 days.
  • Its commission structure is given below.

So, all these features especially the commission structure is what makes WP Engine the best deal of all time.

Note: In this program, all the payments are made on the 20th of every month. Additionally, if your reader chooses a pricier plan, you get $100 of their first-month revenue.

Hence, these are my picks for the best web hosting affiliate programs of all time and definitely, are worth trying.

Final Words

Simply put, web hosting affiliate marketing does agreeably for bloggers with a decent reader base and who are putting in commanding content which helps in attaining a good search engine rank and thus, helps in increasing the affiliate sales and earning!

All the web hosting services discussed above have been in existence for a decade now and thus promoting them isn’t a big deal for bloggers.

Simply put in decent content, build trust, join these programs and get cited for every sale. It’s that straightforward as it sounds. For example, Pat Flynn, a celebrated blogger, uses BlueHost and recommends the same to his readers and earns decently from this.

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