Best Bluehost Hosting Plans: Basic Plan, Plus Plan, Choice Plus Plan

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Are you a new blogger in the town?

Want to write blogs on your own website? If you ever wanted to have your own blog then you must have searched for a best hosting provider. There are tons of hosting provider out there, some free, some very costly and some of them in between the last two. But which one is best for you? What plan should you go for? 

Don’t worry I am going to answer all these questions for you in this article. You might have come across many free domain, hosting services but there is a certain drawback to them if you’re looking to use your blog/website for commercial purposes.

Bluehost plans review

Drawbacks of using a free web hosting.

Limited Bandwidth: – Limited bandwidth and data transfer rate restrict the visitor count on your website, making this the biggest drawback of a free domain hosting. The number of monthly visits on your website is known as bandwidth. If the limit exceeds then the domain hosting stops and you are asked to pay for the further hosting.

No Personal domain: – The free website hosting plans do not provide you with a separate domain name for the website. What they provide is only a subdomain on the name of their own domain. If you want your own domain, without their own domain name attached to your website then you have to shell out a few bucks every month.

Customer Support: – This is one of the few disadvantages of getting a free web hosting service. If you are stuck somewhere then you have to figure a way out of that problem yourself if you are a free user but if you have a paid domain then it might be easy for you because of the step by step guidance these service providers provide.

Advertisements: – This is how service providers are able to provide you a free web hosting plan. They display advertisements on your website, which you sign up for while agreeing on the term and conditions they show at the start of the sign-up process.

Many beginners are confused about the hosting plan they should go for and end up selecting the free one. There are several cheap hosting plans like Bluehost, which definitely is one of the best cheap web hosting platforms out there.


There basically are 3 plans which are immensely popular among the people for website domain hosting. Bluehost offers Basic, Plus and Choice Plus as its most popular plans.

The basic plan is offered at $.2.95/month, Plus Plan being offered at $5.45/month and the Choice Plus Plan being offered at $5.45 a month.



No company can guarantee you a 100 percent uptime, even if they do then there are few errors meant to creep in or the servers being down due to maintenance or any other reason. Bluehost offers an uptime of 99.9% and have a great track record to maintaining this clam. If you are looking for something professional then Uptime should be one your topmost priority.


Search engines like Google give more priority to sites which load faster. You probably don’t want to miss out in the search results just because your site doesn’t load faster than others. Your visitors might leave you even before it open opens up if it takes a long time to open up. Speed is a very important factor in your online success. Bluehost uses advanced servers which makes your website more safe and fast to load up.


You probably don’t want to be stuck in the middle due to any issue in the hosting platform, which might severely affect your work and online presence. Bluehost customer support is available round the clock and is accessible via Telephone, Live Chat, and Email. You can contact them anytime with any hosting-related issues you are facing on the platform.


If you choose to go with Bluehost then be assured to get a free SSL certificate installed on your website. An SSL certificate ensures that your website is safe to visit. In 2018 Google announced that the only website having an HTTPS connection are considered secured. Those having an HTTP connection are not considered secure.

People visiting your website will trust it more if it has an SSL certificate attached to it. Your website may also crawl up higher in the search ranking, making it a good tool for search engine optimization. Whatever category of the website you’re running, it’s incredibly important to make your visitors feel safe and secure, while they are visiting your website or entering personal information on it.

For new users, Bluehost will automatically install the certificate and for existing ones, it’s just a simple one-click step in the settings section.


Bluehost has a very clear and fair refund policy. If you don’t like their services or your requirements are not met then you can get a full refund, if you cancel within 30 days of your purchase. If you choose to cancel after that you won’t get a prorated refund for your plan.


Bluehost recently introduced a feature especially for the WordPress users known as Blue Spark. They provide expert support for WordPress for all their hosting customers. They help you get your WordPress website launched and configured properly which includes various field from theme selection to plugin installation.


bluehost plans review


As the name suggests, the Basic plan is the most simple and cheapest plan at the platform. This plan is most suitable for those people who don’t have many requirements and are looking for a reliable and secure hosting plan with affordable prices.

Some of its features are: – 

  • Install 1 website with the account
  • 50 GB website space and bandwidth 
  • 25 Parked Domains and Subdomains
  • 1 Free domains for a year
  • 5 email accounts with storage

This is the best hosting plan for newbie bloggers and WordPress starters who are looking for cheap hosting solutions.

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The Plus hosting plan is also very affordable and has a lot of improved and added features than its predecessor. You can go for this plan even if you are a newbie but have slightly more requirements than those who opt for the basic plan. With this plan, you get to install unlimited websites, email accounts and so on.

Some of its features are: – 

  • Install unlimited websites
  • Unlimited website space and bandwidth provided with this plan
  • Free SSL
  • 1 Free domain for a year
  • Unlimited Subdomains and Parked domains included in this plan
  • Unlimited Email accounts with Email storage 
  • 1 spam experts

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Bluehost Choice Plus Plan is very popular among the advanced bloggers and domain owners because of the simple reason that it provides a lot of features under such an affordable price which is very rare to find these days. The Choice Plus plan is a major upgrade from its previous plans and has a ton of security and several other features added to it.

Some of its features are: – 

  • Unlimited number of websites can be installed from one single account
  • Unlimited bandwidth and website space
  • Free SSL
  • 1 free domain for a year
  • Unlimited Email accounts and email storage
  • Unlimited parked domains and subdomains
  • Site backup provided 
  • 1 domain privacy
  • 1 spam expert
  • Free dedicated IP

Which Bluehost Plan to select?

Over 2 million websites are being hosted on the Bluehost platform, which in itself is a testimony to the fact that Bluehost is one the most reliable and affordable web hosting platform in the market.

Choosing the right plan solely depends on your requirements but if you want to have an opinion or recommendation from our side then definitely we would advise you to select the PLUS hosting plan. It has all the features a beginner or an intermediate would look for and has unlimited bandwidth which is the most important aspect for any blogger or anyone who is operating a website.

But if you are a beginner and have only one site to install you can go for the Basic Package, and if you are someone who has all the advanced requirements then selection the Choice Plus Plan will be the most affordable for you.

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