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Hey Guys,

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was in class 10th as these journeys need to be started as early as possible. It was started from inner me.

When I went to school, I used to think about why I don’t have my own school?

When I wore shoes, I used to think, one day I might have my own shoes company.

Whenever I played cricket, I wondered when will I have my own cricket team?


At first, it might appear like a stupid thought to some, but this mindset had developed in my childhood.

I came from a middle-class family where I had to keep a distance from reality, where we do have the freedom of eating & dressing but not of dreaming.

But I have been dreaming big since my childhood. Like I wanted to become an actor. I tried in acting as well, I got some chances but that was not my destiny. I tried in several other fields that possessed huge returns in the future, but again the destiny came nowhere.

I was determined from childhood, either I will do something magnificent or I will do nothing. I never had a plan for a 9-5 life which is of no use if you had dreamt of an extraordinary life.

I was always trying to get any idea or anything that can lead to shape my career.

One day one of my friends told me about a business opportunity. It was an MLM Business. There was an initial investment of 7,500 rupees. At that moment of time, I didn’t have that much money, but anyhow I wanted to become a successful person and I thought this platform is right to start.

And somehow, I arranged that money.

This journey has begun in Dec 2011. But like new things are not often sweet in the beginning, this was nothing different. A year has passed, but I didn’t make any money.

After spending 4 years in the MLM industry, I made some money. It was not worth my time and as expected, but the important thing was that I learned some invaluable marketing skills, communication skills and some other sort of personality development. These were the best things I have had from that business.

I didn’t have any scoop of the future because I had failed in MLM, and I was not yet prepared to do any 9-5 job as these were exasperating.

I was a huge fan of “Josh”, a magazine by Dainik Jagran, an Indian newspaper, where I used to read about young entrepreneurs who dreamt large right from their childhood and amazing startup ideas. I had made a lot of business plans but I never had money to work on any of that idea.

That’s why My parents felt very disappointed as I already had a 4-year glorious experience of failure. Now, they didn’t want me to have some more of this experience.

No one was ready to listen to my words. I faced that hard time, but I adhered to my decision because I just couldn’t settle with small and no one should.

I had started a directory business, Addmarts India where I used to offer business listings in a very small amount of only 300 rupees. This door to door work was too typical yet satisfying as this was my own work.

What I had admired from a small age was marketing. I had started to sell digital marketing services. I closed a few deals and bought some online courses with that money, and with some other free resources, I started learning digital marketing and applied all the things on the client’s project. This was how I had learned about digital marketing.

I understand this might be funny. Generally, people learn first, then they do an internship, job and after getting the experience of a few years, they might start their own agency. But, being a Digital agency’s owner, it was an exceptional experience to learn digital marketing.

It was not so easy to sell things that are completely unaware to you.

Now, I had good commands on digital marketing and I wanted to do some smart projects to strengthen up my base. I had come to Delhi on January 2018. That time I had only 8,000 rupees with me and I didn’t get any project for the first 3 months. I can’t explain how difficult the condition was at that time.

“You never know beforehand what people are capable of, you have to wait, give it time, it’s time that rules, time is our gambling partner on the other side of the table and it holds all the cards of the deck in its hand, we have to guess the winning cards of life, our lives.”

Somehow, I got my first project, and I had given my best for this. Resultant, my client had gotten the best ROI, and I got many referrals from that particular client. This was how I started my second innings in a Digital Marketing career.

Today, I am running a Digital Marketing company, Adsteller Technologies Private Limited in Gurgaon. I am proud that my agency has grown from zero to a six-figure agency. The journey from 0 to a 6 figures company was indeed so exciting that today, we are proudly serving in India, UK, US & UAE.

Here, I got a chance to work with most reputed Indian brands like Scentra, W4Women, Lal10, Mobikwik, ZapFresh, and many other big brands.

Throughout my entire journey, what I observed was that there are many people who want to learn blogging and other techniques to make money online with minimal investments.

But they get caught with some spammers or in other wrong ways, and they legged behind. They lost their money and most importantly, they lost their invaluable time.

So, I started blogginglight.com. On the light of blogging for everybody, who wishes to become a blogger. Because I want to help people across the globe to do their online business and make money in an ethical way.

That’s why I started blogginglight.com to share all my learnings here and help people either they are tech-savvy or not. They must get an easy learning process of all the blogging success secrets.

I would love to help people across the globe who wants to become a blogger, who wants to do their own online business and make money in an ethical way. I want everyone to start believing that dreams can turn into reality even with minimal efforts but with utter dedication and commitment.

Himanshu Shrivastava
Founder – Blogging Light